Agricultural Wills and inheritance

A Will is arguably the single most important document you will ever sign. And if you are a farmer or a businessman its importance is even more profound.

Imagine - you have worked hard all your life to build a farming or other business. At the end, are you really going to leave it to luck and the laws of intestacy to decide what happens to the product of your efforts on your death? Do you really not care whether the generous reliefs from Inheritance Tax available in relation to agricultural and business assets are obtained for the benefit of your family?

A carefully thought out and well drafted Will can secure that your estate, including your farm or other business assets, passes on your death in the way you wish, rather than on an arbitrary basis dictated by the law. Such a Will and the planning leading up to its establishment can also ensure that maximum advantage is taken of the available Inheritance Tax reliefs.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team to help you plan the devolution of your estate. We will advise you on measures to reduce exposure to Inheritance Tax. And we will prepare a Will to ensure that, on your death, your family is looked after as you would wish.

Your farm or business is a testament to your lifelong efforts. Its your legacy for your family. Don't you owe it yourself to ensure that you make proper provision for what is to happen to that legacy on your death?

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Director Tax & Trusts
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