Today, we work in a complex and highly regulated business environment in which we need to be aware of, and be able to respond to, a wide range of regulation.

The penalties for ignoring legislation are severe and range from steep fines to imprisonment -- as well as the hard to quantify but always significant risk to the business that is the product of adverse publicity, disruption and lost time.

Thrings’ Regulatory team works with businesses of all sizes and in all sectors to understand and comply with the increasing number of domestic and EU Regulations.

We will help you to manage the risk of regulation and formulate an effective compliance programme. If you find yourself in a situation where you have fallen foul of the regulations, we can work with you to minimise the damage.

We can advise on the following:

  • Commercial contracts
  • Understanding regulatory frameworks when developing a new product or service.
  • Accurately labelling the product to detail contents or ingredients.
  • Marketing the product to ensure that you know exactly what you can say about the product -- and importantly, what you can not.
  • Dealing with complaints from customers, for example, assessing whether their complaint is valid.
  • Advising on safety/risk issues, for example, identifying when a product recall is required.
  • Handling personal injury claims, in case someone claims your product has caused them injury.

Some examples of the businesses we can assist:

  • Online retail businesses
  • Financial services providers
  • Professional practices
  • Consumer products generally
    • Manufacturers
    • Retailers
    • Importers and distributors
  • Food
    • Farmers and other primary producers
    • Retailers
    • Importers and distributors
  • Agricultural businesses
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