Living together

It’s a common misconception that, if you live together as a husband and wife, you enjoy the same legal rights as if you are married. People often refer to themselves as common law husband and wife, but in fact, there is no such thing in law.

This area of the law is complex, as the rights that each person acquires will depend upon their particular circumstances, actions and how these are interpreted by both property and trusts law (the law of equity).

It is possible to enter into an agreement when embarking on such a relationship to reflect your particular contributions, monetary or otherwise. This is usually called a Cohabitation Deed. Our specialists can explain to you the steps to take to reflect and protect your interests at this early stage in order to prevent or reduce dispute should you later separate.

If you are separating, then our family lawyers are able to consider with you all of the likely options and remedies available to you in order to minimise both financial loss and stress following the relationship breakdown.

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