The breakdown of any relationship is often very difficult and painful for those involved. The effects run wider than just the couple involved, drawing in other family members and friends. Our nationally recognised Family Team is experienced in dealing with all aspects of family problems and in handling the consequences of such breakdowns in a sensitive, constructive manner.

Thank you for the fantastic amount of support and advice you have given me regarding my divorce. I will have no hesitation in recommending you and your colleagues to anybody who finds themselves in similar circumstances.” Client

We advise married couples, unmarried clients and same sex couples, as well as extended families and grandparents. We also have years of experience in dealing with situations where there may be residence and contact arrangements to discuss, or property, children and other financial issues to resolve.

We work closely with other lawyers across the firm to resolve the financial implications of your changed situation and we sensitively balance a conciliatory approach with a resolute strategy to establish a fair outcome. Even if your affairs are complex, for example, if you and your partner are both involved in the same family company, we may be able to draw on the expertise of other members of our firm.

We guarantee absolute discretion throughout, to protect your privacy, dignity and the interests of your children. We will spend time with you, getting to know and understanding your problems and the decisions you face, and then giving you a suite of options that work for your situation and your budget. To find out more about the way we work, please click here for our approach to family law.

If you’d like to discuss your situation, just get in touch; we’ll be happy to talk things through with you, You can find out what to expect from your first meeting by clicking here.

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