What happens to your estate when you die will depend upon the arrangements you made - or didn't make - during your lifetime. If you prepared a Will, things can seem pretty simple to resolve. But if you didn’t, or if the probate process isn’t managed properly, your beneficiaries could face claims on the estate as well as potential disputes.

Our team contains some of the leading probate specialists in the South West and London. We deal with everything from helping executors and administrators with the estate administration process through to the preparation of income and inheritance tax returns and estate accounts. We advise beneficiaries in relation to post-death tax planning, to further reduce inheritance tax and future capital gains tax liabilities wherever possible. We also provide a consultancy service which gives guidance on all aspects of probate law, including the interpretation of Wills.

We advise on estates of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, and have experience of dealing with heritage property and assets of pre-eminent national, historic or artistic interest. We can draw up applications for conditional exemption from inheritance tax, the establishment of maintenance funds, and can negotiate with the Inland Revenue for the acceptance of assets in lieu of tax.

We also deal with cases where a claim is made against an estate during its administration, for example, claims made by individuals who have not benefited under a Will, or creditors of an estate. We can also make claims on behalf of beneficiaries to have a personal representative removed to ensure proper administration of an estate. Working closely with our probate disputes specialists, we ensure that difficulties are resolved as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.

We can advise on:

  • Estate administration
  • Acting as an executor or administrator
  • Preparation of Income Tax or Inheritance Tax returns and estate accounts
  • Post-death tax planning
  • General probate law and the interpretation of Wills
  • Working with heritage properties and assets of pre-eminent national, historic or artistic interest
  • The establishment of maintenance funds
  • Providing assets in lieu of tax
  • Claims against estates during administration
  • Claims on behalf of beneficiaries
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