“History gives no certainty of future events any more than fresh starts are a guarantee of new thinking” Carl Scobescon, Philosopher and Economist

The attached chart shows the roots and soil from which our firm, Thrings, has grown and flourished.

The 18th century was a time of great social change and innovation in England, with a growing number of people acquiring wealth and property and those who already had the wealth and property doing everything they could to protect it. Both needed the advice of wise counsel.

In the times before concerted taxation of personal income and capital or the acceptance or easy availability of divorce, solicitors concentrated on property law, trusts and inheritance; all of which we have carried forward into the 21st century.

The attached family tree shows groups of solicitors practicing in the West of England and in London from as early as 1720 with a reassuring continuity over the centuries. If you are interested to know more or if you have any information which will help us expand upon this record, then please email history@thrings.com.

Otherwise, be reassured that we have the experience and the skills to give you wise counsel for all types of problems (both new and old) just as we have helped countless of our clients for almost 300 years.

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