Are our divorce laws "a dead parrot"?

According to the Times newspaper, High Court judge, Sir Paul Coleridge is expected to tell a conference in London today that there should be a “root and branch overhaul” of divorce laws.  The judge has long been an outspoken critic of family law legislation and procedures in England, believing they should reflect society “as lived now – not in the distant past”.

The Times expects Sir Paul to say at the conference​: “In the immortal words of John Cleese, it is a dead parrot.  It is no more.  It has gone to meet its Maker. Or should do.”

The Times reports that Sir Paul will shortly be stepping down from his position as a full time judge to focus on alternative methods of settling disputes outside the courtroom, such as collaborative law, mediation and arbitration.

The Thrings Family and Relationship team are experienced in providing clients with a variety of options of how their family law dispute can be resolved.   Where possible, we try to avoid court room battles that tend be lengthy, costly and emotionally draining.  Several of our team are trained in Collaborative Law which encourages clients to try and settle matters without going to court.  This process avoids the old-fashioned tactics of aggressive litigation.    

While we may be waiting many years for government to provide the framework for a more “user-friendly” family law system, there is no reason why those suffering relationship breakdown cannot look at alternative methods of settling their family law disputes now.

David Harper, Associate Solicitor at our London office, has recently set up a new Collaborative Law Pod group with a fellow family law practitioner, Zoe Bloom of Keystone Law.  Access Collaborative Lawyers, are a group of family lawyers, mediators, financial professionals and therapists who are absolutely committed to helping clients achieve the right outcome from their divorce, separation or other family dispute. 

If you would like to know more about Access Collaborative Lawyers, click here to visit their website.

Alternatively, contact David Harper.



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