Food and Drink Action Plan launched by Environment Secretary

The Food and Drink International Action Plan will be delivered by UK Trade & Investment and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, as part of the Government’s overall ambition to raise UK exports to £1 trillion and to get 100,000 more UK companies exporting. 

Food and drink is the UK’s largest manufacturing sector with a turnover of over £90 billion. The industry employs up to 400,000 worker, 15 per cent of the overall manufacturing workforce in the UK.  However, there is huge untapped potential for export among small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) with 90 per cent currently not exporting.

The Food and Drink International Action Plan support will include:

  • a single strong UK brand identity to help increase the visibility of UK food and drink at the world’s major food events and exhibitions
  • more support and advice on exporting – with simple access points for UK firms – to speed the pace of international growth for UK firms
  • faster export certification process for animals and animal products
  • continued work to lift trade barriers, promote trade and maintain access to open markets already opened.

The plan also sets out specific support for the dairy industry; beer, cider, wine and spirits exports; meat and seafood industries and UK food brands.

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