Guidance for developers of mobile apps


The Article 29 Working Party, an independent European advisory body on data protection and privacy, has adopted an opinion on apps. It sets out a summary of the obligations to which the various players in the app market are subject, as well as the working party's recommendations for each type of player to improve user privacy.

App developers must:

  • Ask for (freely given, specific and informed) consent before installation of the app.
  • Ask for granular consent for each specified category of data the app will access.
  • Provide well-defined purposes of the data processing before installation of the app (for example, product innovation or market research will not suffice) and not change these purposes without renewed consent.
  • Provide a readable, accessible privacy policy, which includes, for example, information about whether data will be disclosed to third parties, including a specific description of the recipients.
  • Refrain from processing children's data for behavioural advertising purposes.

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