Bath Business Awards - Top tips for a winning submission

1. Choose wisely

There are 14 awards up for grabs, so give serious consideration to your strengths as a business. Decide whether winning a particular award supports your strategic objectives and which category offers you the best chance of winning. Completing an award submission takes time – make sure everyone involved in the process is aware of deadlines and can commit the necessary time and resource.


2. Team effort

Compiling an award entry forces you to shine a light in every corner of the business, so ensure you get buy-in from all areas of your business - even from those who might initially appear sceptical or reluctant. Their support could be invaluable, and getting them on board is likely to make them more willing to provide you with useful and potentially decisive supporting information.


3. Paint a picture

Combining facts with emotion will make your submission more compelling and memorable. The judges want to build a picture of your organisation, so include examples of best business practice, innovation, ethics and success. Reference to how you have met the commercial and financial objectives outlined in your business plans is also important, as is clearly conveying a sense of how the business operates, looks after customers and clients, and supports its staff.

4. Make it count

Judges welcome entries from organisations that convey a sense of pride and ownership. Any unsubstantiated statements, inconsistencies, a lack of detail, repetition, waffle, jargon and typing errors will all be seized upon. Make sure you’re able to evidence any claims; testimonials from customers, clients and other third parties – especially those who your organisation has helped – as they can add power to your submission.

5. Phone a friend

Pulling together an award entry takes time and effort, but it’s easy to get too close to the matter at hand and remain impartial about your own organisation. Nominate a trusted professional colleague to read your entry, provide you with honest feedback, check it’s easy to understand and confirm you are focusing on what the assessors are asking for.

6. Commercial advantage

Successful organisations will benefit in many ways – peer recognition, increased visibility, positive media coverage, a boost to staff morale - which will bolster its profile and could even have a positive impact on its commercial fortunes. The awards are among the most prestigious in the region, so give serious consideration to getting involved and register your interest today.

The closing date for entries is 10 July, with the finalists’ evening taking place at ’ offices in Queen Square in Bath on 9 September. Winners of the Bath Business Awards 2015 will be announced at a gala ceremony at Bath Racecourse on 24 September. Please click here for more information.