24th August 2018

Other Stories - 24th August 2018

Photo: Paul Wood

Warm weather reveals lost prehistoric sites across the UK. The recent heatwave did more than bring smiles to Brits’ faces; it dried the soil so much that it revealed marks in crops and fields where buildings, roads and monuments once stood. They are believed to be from the Neolithic period, Bronze Age, Iron Age and Roman times, including prehistoric farms in Somerset, Iron Age square burial mounds in East Yorkshire and two Neolithic monuments near Milton Keynes, just to name a few. BBC News

A project in Birkenhead is beating ‘Holiday Hunger’. After reports that children who rely on free school meals are going hungry during the holidays, a project named Fit and Fed was set up to keep children busy and well-fed. Run by Wirral council’s sports development team and charities Feeding Birkenhead and Street Games, the project organises activities and provides breakfast and lunch to every child who attends. As it isn’t based on family income, every child, regardless of background, is fed the same food. BBC News

Is Ola the new Uber? The Indian taxi app Ola, a rival to Uber, is already operating in 110 cities around the world, and is now launching in South Wales and Greater Manchester. Unlike Uber, it allows app-users to pre-book taxi journeys and it doesn’t charge for cancelled rides. According to reports, Ola is working with local authorities to expand across the UK by the end of the year. Sky News

Brit who fell off a cruise ship thanks yoga and singing for her survival. After falling off the deck of the Norwegian Star cruise ship near Croatia, Kay Longstaff spent ten hours swimming to stay afloat while a Croatian rescue boat was looking for her. She told her rescuers that her yoga practise has made her fit enough to survive the ordeal, while singing helped her ignore the cold. Sky News

Vienna has been named the ‘most liveable’ city in the world. It has just knocked Melbourne off the top spot thanks to a low crime rate and the downgraded threat of militant attacks in Western Europe. Vienna residents enjoy easy access to healthcare, quality education and reliable infrastructure. Melbourne still holds second place, followed by Osaka, Calgary and Sydney. London came in at 48th place, beaten by Manchester, which ranked 35th. The Guardian

Big toes are the youngest part of the current human skeleton. According to a new study that looked at 3D scans of our feet and fossils of primates and human relatives, it seems the big toe was the last part of the foot to evolve. It is thought it became more rigid to give us better push-power while walking and running when our ancestors started standing upright. BBC News

Following a low carb diet could shorten your life, apparently. A study suggests that ditching foods like bread, potatoes, rice and sweet treats as part of a strict diet might help you lose weight but could cause health problems in the future. It’s thought that low carb dieters tend to replace these ingredients with fat-rich foods, such as beef, lamb, pork and cheese, which are linked with illnesses and health conditions. On the other hand, choosing a moderate carb diet, by introducing more plant-based proteins and fats in favour of animal sources, could increase lifespan. BBC News

A baby was born in a coastguard helicopter above Penzance on Saturday evening. The baby’s mother went into labour on the Isles of Scilly. As there was no midwife on the island, she was flown to the mainland for proper medical care. Her and her partner were picked up at St Mary’s Airport to be taken to the Royal Cornwall hospital in Truro. Before they could touch down, the baby boy was born with the help of a midwife and aircrew on board. Evening Standard

A foul-mouthed parrot swore at firefighters in London. After spending three days on a neighbour’s roof without any chance of budging, even after the RSPCA attempted to lure her down, Jessie the parrot turned on the firefighters who had been called to rescue her. The macaw parrot seemed amiable at first, repeating ‘I love you’ back to a firefighter, and then her attitude turned. She started swearing at them before flying off to a nearby roof. Jessie and her owner have now been reunited. Sky News

Quote of the week

“Ignorance and prejudice are the handmaidens of propaganda. Our mission, therefore, is to confront ignorance with knowledge, bigotry with tolerance, and isolation with the outstretched hand of generosity. Racism can, will, and must be defeated.”

Kofi Annan, former UN chief and Ghanaian diplomat. Annan died on Saturday after a short illness. He served two terms as UN chief and was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for his humanitarian work.

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