26th October 2018

Other Stories - 26th October

Photo credit big-ashb via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Sir Nick Clegg will soon be working for Facebook. He’s just been hired as the social media giant’s head of global affairs and communications and will be moving to California in the new year. Clegg lost his Sheffield seat at last year’s general election and has described his new employment as an ‘exciting new adventure’. Sky News

Private schools will have to let local comprehensives use their swimming pools. After it was revealed that almost half of children can’t swim 25 metres by the time they finish primary school, the government has said that private schools must offer their swimming facilities. It’s hoped that this new initiative will also help to tackle child obesity. The Telegraph

A British woman now holds the title for the fastest round-the-world cyclist. Jenny Graham from Scotland has smashed the world record for cycling around the globe, taking just 124 days to complete the loop. Carrying all her kit and pedalling for 15 hours a day, she managed to cycle the route nearly three weeks faster than the previous record-holder. She cycled an average of 156 miles a day, starting and finishing in Berlin. The Guardian

‘Highland Tigers’ could be introduced in the England for the first time in 170 years. Britain only has a few dozen wildcats left and they’re all up in Scotland’s remote forests. But this might not be the case for much longer. The ‘Highland Tigers’ could be reintroduced in England when more woodland is created in the north, which would be their ideal habitat. All being well, these wild felines could roam forests as far south as York and Leeds. Daily Mail

Road workers in Cambridge have found woolly mammoth bones. While digging ground to make improvements to the A14, road workers uncovered the remains of both a woolly mammoth and woolly rhino. They were found in the site of what is thought to be an ancient river and could be over 130,000 years old. It’s the latest in a string of discoveries, including prehistoric henges, roman kilns and a medieval hamlet. BBC News

A tree shaped into an ‘N’ to woo a woman has been named tree of the year.  Nearly 100 years ago a young Vic wanted to win the heart of Nellie, so he grafted a sapling to join two trees together in order to make an ‘N’ shape. It certainly worked - the pair went on to marry and years later, their grandson nominated the tree in the Woodland Trust’s Tree of the Year competition. This winning tree is known by locals as the Love Tree and is a popular proposal site. BBC News

Banksy’s latest trick didn’t actually go according to plan. It turns out he wanted to shred the painting of ‘Girl with Balloon’ completely when the gavel came down at the auction, but a malfunction stopped it just over halfway. The anonymous artist revealed the error in a YouTube video that explained the stunt had gone perfectly well during rehearsals. After much deliberation, Sotheby’s has renamed the art ‘Love Is in the Bin’, which Banksy has approved. CNET

The youngest person to visit all 50 states of America is just six months old. Baby Harper’s parents took the opportunity to travel around the US with their new born during parental leave. They hope that spending so much time with their baby in the first few months of her life will help her know she is loved. BBC News

Quote of the week

Marsel van Oosten, a Dutch photographer, commented on winning the 2018 Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition for his shot named ‘Gazing monkeys’.

“I am happy that it is with this particular image because it is an endangered species and one that very few people even know exists and it is important we realise that there are a lot of species on this planet that are under thread. It is not only rhinos, tigers and polar bears; and these kind of species deserve a lot more attention and all the protection they can get.”

The image shows two snub-nosed monkeys, with blue faces and orange fur, resting on a stone and gazing into the distance. BBC News


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