13th July 2018

Other Stories - 13th July 2018

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50,000 jobs have already been axed from the British high street this year. It’s down to the huge number of store closures from the likes of House of Fraser, Poundworld, Toys R Us and Maplin. Inflation from Brexit and high business rates are rumoured to be at blame for the demise of the high street as we know it. Prezzo, Jamie’s Italian and Byron have also shut a number of their restaurants’ doors. The Independent

Apparently, we still think a mother’s place is in the home – or do we? A recent British Attitudes Survey revealed that only 7% thought mothers with children under 5 should have a full-time job, while 38% believed having a part-time job was acceptable. Having said that, 72% thought that a man’s job is to earn money and a woman’s job is to stay at home. BBC News

Uber customers may soon be able to hire scooters. It’s down to a sizeable new deal with scooter-hiring company, Lime. If plans come together, Uber app users will be able to rent the scooters to get around, giving them more transport choices in the city without driving their own cars. Uber has also recently invested in Jump, an electric bike hiring service. BBC News

Southgate could be England manager until 2022. That is if England qualifies for the Euros in 2020. It means we could see Southgate steering the team until at least the next World Cup. He succeeded Sam Allardyce in 2016 on a four-year deal and has been highly praised for the work he has done so far. The Telegraph

Three poisonous books have been discovered in Denmark. Researchers discovered that the pages of three books from the 16th and 17th century were covered in a thick green substance, making it difficult to decipher the Latin text beneath. Studies revealed the substance was arsenic, one of the deadliest substances in the world. It is thought that the arsenic would have been used to prevent the books getting destroyed by insects and vermin. Sky News

We’re going to see the longest lunar eclipse of the century this month. During the eclipse, earth will block some of the light from the sun, causing the moon to appear red, hence the name blood moon. On the same night, we’ll see Mars looking very bright because it will be at its closest position to earth for 15 years. Astrologers are poised to see the rare sight of both a lunar eclipse and Mars in the same sky, while others are superstitious that it is a sign of impending doom. The Independent

Storm Chris could put an end to our heatwave. The UK has been enjoying average temperatures of 28°C for over two weeks, and there has been a rising number of people visiting GP surgeries and calling NHS 111 complaining of sunburn, heatstroke and sunstroke. But with Storm Chris currently hanging over America’s East Coast, this might be set to end. It is likely to be upgraded to a hurricane in the next few days and as it makes its course over the Atlantic, we could start to feel the effects of cooler temperatures and rain towards the beginning of next week. The Mirror

Princess Charlotte made a quip at photographers. As the Royal Family prepared to leave St James’s Palace after Prince Louis’ christening to head to the reception, Princess Charlotte appeared to hold her gaze with a photographer and say, “you’re not coming”. It isn’t the first time she has stolen the show, having revealed her spirited personality while waving to fans at Harry and Meghan’s wedding and skipping at a recent polo event. The Mirror

Drunk seagulls have been stumbling around the South West. These drunk feathered friends have been seen staggering and falling over on beaches across Devon and Dorset. The RSPCA believes they have been consuming waste products from a nearby brewery. "The birds absolutely stink of alcohol when we collect them so now our vans smell like pubs!", said RSPCA officer Jo Daniels. Sadly, some have died as a result of their alcohol consumption, but most are making a speedy recovery. Sky News

Quote of the week

“I am proud to have served as Foreign Secretary in your government. As I step down, I would like first to thank the patient officers of the Metropolitan Police who have looked after me and my family, at times in demanding circumstances. I am proud too of the extraordinary men and women of our diplomatic service…  They have organised a highly successful Commonwealth summit and secured record international support for this government's campaign for 12 years of quality education for every girl, and much more besides.”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in his resignation letter to the Prime Minister, Theresa May.


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