18th January 2019

Other Stories - 18th January

There has been a huge breakthrough in liver transplant procedures. A new perfusion machine can store donated livers at body temperature, helping them to retain their good health for longer. It also allows physicians to flush a stored liver with blood and give it oxygen and medication while they assess its functionality. Currently 20% of patients die while they wait for a liver transplant, and it’s hoped this machine will help fill the gap by storing livers for longer. BBC News

More and more children are changing their gender by deed poll. Over the past five years, there has been a major surge in the number of teenagers and children who have changed their title. Now, one child every day changes their gender, and often their name, through the UK Deed Poll Service. According to a senior deed poll officer, there are more changes from Misses to Masters than Masters to Misses. The Sun

Is your wood-burning stove damaging your health and the environment? It is thought that some log burners and open fires produce harmful emissions, and Michael Gove has plans to ban them. As part of his Clean Air Strategy, the proposals would see only the cleanest of stoves available by 2022. Stoves and open fires are thought to be the largest source of particulate matter. Gove also has plans to reduce ammonia emissions and fertiliser pollution from farming. Evening Standard

Contact lens wearer? You can recycle them now. Hallelujah for those with poor eyesight who want to reduce their plastic waste. From this week, a lens recycling system has been set up in the UK, allowing wearers to have their used lenses collected or to drop them off at recycling bins in Boots Opticians and other independent stores. A fifth of contact lens wearers flush them down the loo or sink, and it is hoped the new plans will reduce plastic waste in waterways as well as landfills. iNews

You can now give yourself an ultrasound scan. It’s thanks to a small device that costs $2,000 (around £1,555) and plugs into an iPhone. Yes, that is quite expensive, but it is considerably cheaper than the machines currently in hospitals. The machine is called Butterfly IQ and it uses tiny sensors mounted onto a computer chip. It’s not just for pregnant women – Butterfly IQ could help anyone check the size of an organ or tumour, for example. BBC News

A woman has been named the first female to climb a men-only mountain. Agasthyakoodam in Kerala, India, used to be restricted to just men for religious reasons – until now. Dhanya Sanal started climbing the mountain, and as she wasn’t stopped by locals or protestors, she continued up to the summit. Sanal was one in 100 trekkers, and she was the only female in the group. BBC News

Have you seen the new Gillette advert yet? Its comment on toxic masculinity has divided opinions. During the commercial, news clips of the #MeToo movement are shown among images of sexism in boardrooms, films and the school playground. It then switches up the tagline from ‘The best a man can get’ to ‘The best a man can be’. The aim was to promote a more positive kind of masculinity. What do you think? The Guardian

What do we most regret in life? Not being the best version of ourselves, apparently. Researchers have conducted six studies with hundreds of people and found that the single biggest regret is that they ‘didn’t fulfil their ideal self’. So, what does this mean? According to a recent paper, our ‘ideal self’ is made up of the qualities we want to have. It suggests that most of us look back on our lives and blame ourselves for our own inaction. Best Life

Quote of the week

"Maybe I'll see you again. I will do everything possible to try.”

Andy Murray after his defeat at the Australian Open. His grit and determination still prevail in the midst of retirement talks due to a potential hip operation.

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