1st February 2019

Other Stories - 1st February

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A pill that could beat obesity gets the green light for testing. Testing has begun for a ground-breaking new pill that could help millions of overweight people shed weight. The capsule, which uses a ‘fish oil-like’ substance to trick people into thinking they’re full, is being trialled on humans at Queen Mary University in London. If it proves successful, it could become a viable alternative to expensive and invasive bariatric surgery. The Sun

Picturesque Italian town pays people to move in. The beautiful town of Locana in northern Italy is offering couples an impressive $10,000 to move there. The only catch? You’ll need to start your own family. The incentive is the brainchild of mayor Giovanni Bruno Mattiet, who is trying to increase the population of the town, which has been falling steadily and recorded 40 deaths but just 10 new births last year. Daily Mail

Blood test could spot early signs of Alzheimer’s a decade before symptoms show. The Washington University School of Medicine has discovered that a blood test may be able to detect Alzheimer’s up to 10 years before a patient develops symptoms. It found that those with the genetic mutation that triggers early-onset Alzheimer’s had higher levels of a specific protein and it is hoped that the test could help doctors identify those at risk of the disease much sooner. The Independent

Lloyds launches deposit-free, 100% mortgage. First-time buyers struggling to save enough to get on to the property ladder will be celebrating the launch of Lloyds’ new 100% mortgage, which allows them to borrow the entire price of a house. But there’s a catch. They’ll need to have a relative who can tie up 10% of the house’s value for a least three years, which will be taken if you default on any mortgage payments. The Guardian

Clutter can make you unwell. Many Brits have recently been inspired to tackle the clutter that lurks in our homes thanks to TV sensation Marie Kondo, and research suggests that this can have a positive impact on our health too. US researchers found that clutter led to increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol and made people more likely to turn to junk food, both of which in turn lead to problems including heart disease, obesity and strokes. MSN News

New WiFi breakthrough could signal the end of phone batteries. An incredible discovery by scientists means that we could harvest the power of radio signals to run our phones and smart tech in the future. Thanks to the questionably named ‘rectenna’, we might soon be able use our WiFi signals as a sustainable source of power for both personal devices and large-scale outside tech. The Independent

Trash-fashion mall is a hit with stylish shoppers in Sweden. Anna Bergstrom, a style loving, eco-conscious entrepreneur, has set up her own ‘pre-loved mall’ to encourage shoppers to try second-hand high fashion and home decor. Located right next to a recycling centre, many of the shopkeepers at the ReTuna mall upcycle or resell items that are donated by those in the local area. It was set up as part of the backlash against the impact that ‘fast-fashion’ is having on the planet. BBC News

Friends is still the most popular show for teens – 15 years after its finale. A look into 5 to 16-year-olds’ viewing habits found that American sitcom Friends is still their number one choice when it comes to TV programmes. Despite many of them not even being alive when the show was first aired, its relatability, focus on friendship and ‘bingeability’ contributed to its enduring appeal. BBC News

The world’s first ‘smart toilet for dogs’ has arrived. Litter boxes can be unhygienic and unsightly, so Texas-based tech company Newton’s Box has developed the world’s first ‘smart toilet’ for pets. The innovative sanitation device tempts pups to use it by giving them a treat, and then disposes of the waste straight away. And for the bargain price of $700, it’s even equipped with a built-in air freshener. MSN News


Statistic of the week

Temperatures dropped to -54C in some parts of North Dakota this week, thanks to the arrival of a ‘once in a generation’ polar vortex storm.

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