20th July 2018

Other Stories - 20th July 2018

Photograph: Isabel Infantes/PA

Gareth Southgate was awarded his very own London Underground stop for 48 hours. Enfield’s Piccadilly line stop, Southgate, was this week rebranded to ‘Gareth Southgate’. Transport for London revealed the temporary name change as a means of showing the city’s appreciation for how Southgate steered the group to the semi-final of the World Cup for the first time since 1990. Sky News

The Eurostar station in Paris is set for a complete overhaul. As Brexit negotiations continue, the SNCF has announced plans to reorganise Gare du Nord in Paris to prepare for extra border control checks. Both countries currently agree to check passports when you board the train only, making it possible to walk straight from the station at the other end. It’s unclear what will happen when the UK leaves the EU, but there has been mention of new rules that would mean UK travellers need to apply for travel authorisation in advance. The Independent

The best of the best books bas been named. Michael Ondaatje’s The English Patient has been crowned the Golden Booker – the best of the Man Booker Prize winners from the last 50 years. Ondaatje picked up his award in London last week and commented in his speech that he hadn’t reread The English Patient since 1992. The literary award decided to crown an overall winner to mark its 50th anniversary of celebrating great books.  The Guardian

The Gurkhas will soon recruit women. The all-male Gurkhas have been part of the British Army for 200 years, and from 2020 women will be able to apply to be part of division, which is based in Nepal. They will be put through the same selection process as men, including running a 5km uphill race carrying a 25kg bag of sand. Successful applicants will fly to Catterick in North Yorkshire to complete a 10-week training programme. BBC News

The world’s longest nails have finally been cut. A man in India, who has been growing his nails since 1952, has cut them to a ‘normal’ length. At their longest, they measured 909.6cm and his thumbnail was 197.8cm by the time he had them cut. The 82-year-old started growing his nails when he broke his teacher’s fingernail and they told him he would never understand what it takes to look after long fingernails. His nails are now on display at the Ripleys Believe It or Not! museum in New York. Sky News

A 1,000-year-old temple has been discovered in Mexico. After an earthquake in September last year destroyed part of a pyramid, the ruins of an inner temple were revealed. Archaeologists discovered the temple, which was built in dedication to the rain god Tlaloc, using radar technology. Experts believe the temple dates back to 1150. Sky News

Scotland could soon launch rockets. A stretch of boggy land on Scotland’s North Coast looks to be the most likely host of the UK’s first space port. If plans go well, the port in Sutherland could launch rockets as early as 2020. The UK Space Agency is giving Highlands and Islands Enterprise £2.5m towards building the facility. BBC News

A whaling company has been criticised for potentially killing a rare species. The catch took place in Iceland’s waters and a photo captures what appears to be a young blue whale, the largest creature left on our planet. It’s illegal under Icelandic law to deliberately kill blue whales, and the last time one that was poached was in 1978. Authorities are currently doing DNA testing to check its species. BBC News

‘Barbie feet’ is the latest selfie trend, apparently. In an attempt to get the most flattering best bikini shot, women are mimicking the plastic feet of Barbie and standing on their tip toes. Most of the photos are posted on Instagram, which was revealed to be the most damaging social network for mental health in a survey by the Royal Society of Public Health. There are concerns that the ‘Barbie feet’ craze is potentially also physically harmful because, like wearing heels, standing on your tip toes can alter the structure of the joints and muscles. The Independent

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