23rd November 2018

Other Stories - 23rd November 2018

Photo: Leon Neal/AFP/Getty Images

Being mindful of cyclists could soon save you money. Under new plans, drivers could get money off their insurance by taking a course on cyclist safety. Last year, 100 cyclists and 470 pedestrians were killed on the roads, and it’s hoped this move will reduce the number of casualties. Local authorities have also been encouraged to spend around 15% of their local transport infrastructure funding on making their area safer for pedestrians and cyclists. BBC News

The Leaning Tower of Pisa should be renamed the Not-So-Leaning Tower of Pisa. Thanks to engineering works on the tower’s stability, the famous leaning structure is gradually becoming more upright. After being observed for 17 years, experts have confirmed it has straightened itself by 4cm. This progress means the tower is once again stable having been closed in 1990 for 11 years because its tilt had reached 15ft. Sky News

Prince Charles is holding a summit to talk about waste. Over 200 leaders in business, politics and universities will gather to discuss innovative ways to recycle waste products. It takes inspiration from projects like The Waste House, which is constructed entirely from waste materials and is experimenting with using discarded duvets, old floppy discs and unfashionable wallpaper for insulation. BBC News

Are school trips getting too much? A parent took to Twitter this week to grumble about the cost of a school trip for her son. At £3,500, the expedition to Borneo is just one of many similar excursions schools across the country are organising, which are putting parents in a difficult position. From netball tours to Sri Lanka and volunteering trips to Uganda, schools are offering once-in-a-lifetime adventures that could stigmatise children whose families can’t afford the high price tags. The Guardian

David Attenborough could be Christmas number one. He is releasing an album of recordings he made during his travels in the 1950s and 1960s and is hoping to take the Christmas charts by storm with one of the singles. The song, named “La Llegada” (The Arrival), is a recording of indigenous musicians in Paraguay, and it was first played on the radio during Jo Whiley and Simon Mayo’s Radio 2 Drive Time Show on Wednesday. The Independent

Good news if you’re more of a colour-photo person. Researchers in Korea have compared 25,000 Instagram posts by 180 students alongside personality surveys and found that those posting black and white photos were more likely to be disagreeable. It also discovered that black and white photos were a sign the person behind the post is in an unhappy relationship. On the flipside, those posting colour photos were generally happier and more agreeable. We’re dubious, to be honest. Huffington Post

Successful people experiment with wake-up times, apparently. It’s thought this approach enables you to find the ideal time that lets you enjoy your morning, rather than waking up as late as possible. Apparently getting a good night’s sleep, adapting your morning routine to different situations and making time for activities that energize you all help to set you up for a successful day. The New York Times

A cat stole the show during a No10 Downing St broadcast. While a journalist reported on Brexit negotiations, a cat sat patiently in the background at the door to the Prime Minister’s house. Thankfully, a policeman knocked on the door just to let him in, giving viewers some light relief from the rather tense Brexit discussions. Evening Standard


Quote of the week

“Just get a pair of boots on and a hat on and get out there.”

This was Katie Smith’s message for girls who would like to work in construction but are put off by the male-dominated environment. Katie won the Prince’s Trust Young Achiever of the Year prize this year and is the first female tradesperson at Jelson Homes. “The good thing is I’m accepted”, she said. BBC News

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