25th January 2019

Other Stories - 25th January

A nursing mother has smashed a 268-mile race record. Yes, you read that right. Jasmine Price completed the 268-mile Montane Spine Race in a never-done-before 83 hours and 12 minutes… all while stopping to express milk for her daughter. Despite her other obligations, she beat the previous record for the jog from Derbyshire to the Scottish borders by over 12 hours. BBC News

Toto’s Africa is set to play “for all eternity”. A sound installation in the Namib Desert will play the soft rock staple on repeat for ever thanks to solar batteries. Originally released in 1982, the song has had a revival of popularity recently, with 18 million streams in the UK alone in 2017. Sky News

Taller women are more likely to live longer. A new study from Maastricht University shows that taller women are more likely to reach 90. The study looked at 8,000 women and found that those who were over 5 ft 9 in were 31% more likely to hit nine decades. One theory points towards taller people being less affected by the negative effects of shrinkage. Business Insider  

Lost in translation. Despite the fact that we (mostly) speak the same language, a new YouGov poll claims half of Americans wouldn’t know they were being called an idiot by a Brit. When a Brit hears someone say “I’ll bear that in mind” the majority take it as a sign that the person has already dismissed their idea, while an American is likely to take it as an indication that the action will probably get taken. BBC News

UK announces plan to thwart ‘antibiotic apocalypse’. Bacteria, viruses and parasites are becoming increasingly resistant to antibiotics. This could lead to more deaths in the future than cancer, and the UK’s new 20-year strategy aims to reduce antibiotic use by 15%. The plan is not just aimed at humans, but pets and livestock as well. Sky News

Man claiming to have travelled from 2045 names the last US president. A man claiming to have travelled to the present from over 25 years in the future has named Martin Luther King Jr’s granddaughter Yolanda King as the last ever US president. The post becomes obsolete in the late 2030s as all countries merge together to form a global nation. Express

Paris’ first nude restaurant can’t drum up enough business. In a shock revelation, it turns out people aren’t really into the idea of eating together naked. O’Natural in Paris will serve its last meal in February 2019 after failing to attract enough customers. Since its opening in December 2017, the restaurant has been helping people enjoy fancy food without the need to dress up. Huffington Post  

Would you marry your duvet? That’s exactly what an artist from Devon is doing. She’s enlisted the services of a professional wedding planner to celebrate the most “intimate and reliable relationship” she has ever had. Don’t worry though, the ceremony won’t be full of stifling traditionalism: the bride will be in her dressing gown, as will all the guests. Mirror


Quote of the week

“We’re now so numerous, so powerful, so all-pervasive, the mechanisms we have for destruction are so wholesale and so frightening, that we can actually exterminate whole ecosystems without even noticing it.”

David Attenborough discusses climate change and human responsibility during an interview with Prince William at the World Economic Forum in Davos.

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