27th July 2018

Other stories - 27th July 2018

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All children may soon learn how to perform CPR. If the government’s plans go through, first aid lessons will be on the agenda for every child in UK schools. Primary school children could learn how to call the emergency services and deal with some injuries, such as those to the head, while secondary school students are likely be taught how to perform CPR and use defibrillators. According to the British Heart Foundation, only one in ten people survive cardiac arrests that are suffered outside hospitals, and the organisation believes these new lessons could dramatically improve these figures. The Independent

Amazon Alexa could soon respond to gestures as well as voice. It’s thanks to the work of developer Abhishek Singh who has designed an app that can identify gestures and recognise them as speech. It uses a laptop as an intermediary between the user and Alexa, and he hopes that the app creators can soon integrate the functionality to allow the deaf community to make the most of smart technologies. BBC News

Dairy Milk is having a reduced sugar makeover. The new bar will have 30% less sugar but the same calorie content, and Cadbury’s has developed the bar in an attempt to help curb obesity. Oreo biscuits, Maynards Bassetts Wine Gums and Jelly Babies products are also set to cut down on sugar. Cadbury’s Dairy Milk fans will still be able to enjoy the original bars if they wish. Sky News

More of us are listening to podcasts. New data has found that 11% of the UK population tunes in to listen to podcasts each week – that’s around six million people. It’s a huge leap from 3.8m podcast listeners in 2016. Apparently, it’s mostly millennials aged between 16 and 34 who are enjoying these pre-recorded radio programmes. Pod Save America is a particularly popular listen – it records members of Barack Obama’s writing team reviewing Donald Trump’s actions and decisions of the previous week. BBC News

A huge piece of artwork has been lost in the post. Museum of the Moon, a 23ft spherical installation that accurately depicts the moon, was created by Bristol-based artist Luke Jerram in partnership with the University of Bristol and the UK Space Agency. It was making its way to Austria where it was due to feature at a festival when courier firm TNT lost it. There isn’t a copy of the orb and it was expected to appear at a number of events across Europe throughout the summer. BBC News

Even the sea is glowing in the warm weather. After weeks of hot weather there’s been a surge in bioluminescent plankton off the coast of Port Talbot in South Wales, creating a bright blue glow after hours. The organism omits the bright blue light as part of a complex chemical reaction when it is disturbed, which is why it is often seen glowing around rocks and walkways by the sea or mirroring the currents in the ocean. Metro

A Swiss technology company has an innovative way of preventing more CO2 shortages. Climeworks has established a plant just outside Zurich that draws in air and uses filters to chemically absorb the CO2. It has been using the plant to sell CO2 to a nearby greenhouse farm and has announced that a fizzy drinks producer has already shown interest in the technology. It’s hoped that this innovation could help maintain the CO2 levels needed across Europe for meat, food and drinks industries. Sky News

Lyle’s Golden Syrup tin holds a dark secret. Some fans of Britain’s oldest brand have noticed that the lion in the middle is, in fact, not sleeping but has been killed and is surrounded by bees. It’s not all bad news, though. Apparently, the syrup’s creator Abram Lyle took inspiration from the biblical story of Samson and the Bees, where Samson killed a lion with his bare hands and returned the next day to find that bees had made a hive inside the carcass. After giving the honey to his parents, Samson states, "Out of the eater, something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet." The Daily Mirror

A baby born in a Texas restaurant will get free food for life. She will also be given a first birthday party held at the chain and offered a job when she turns 16. Gracelyn Mae Violet Griffin’s mother went into the late stages of labour on their way to the hospital when they had stopped at the Chick-fil-A to drop off their other children with some friends. The restaurant was closed, so she banged on the door asking to use the toilet and gave birth to baby Gracelyn in the restrooms. Inside Edition

 Stat of the week

The Lake District takes the number one spot as the UK’s preferred national park with over a quarter of people (27%) naming it as their favourite. Loch Lomond and the Trossachs and the New Forest were the runners up, each receiving 9% of the votes, while The Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and Snowdonia all came in with between 8% and 7%. YouGov



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