28th September 2018

Other Stories - 28th September 2018

Photo: Rodrigo Garrido/Reuters)

Facebook will no longer help political campaigns. The social networking site has, in the not-so-distant past, sent its staff to political campaign offices to give advice on how to use the site most effectively. But this won’t be happening any more. Facebook has made a U-turn following controversy over how the site influenced the election. Twitter and Google offered similar advice, and neither has commented on whether it has plans to cancel the training yet. CNBC

Eat Mediterranean food and live for longer. Apparently that’s the trick if you’re over 65, as scientists suggest the Mediterranean diet could reduce mortality by 25%. Eating lots of fruit and veg, unrefined grains, monounsaturated fat (olive oil etc.) and fish is said to improve cardiovascular health. Unfortunately it’s not an excuse to gorge on pasta, though. Healthline

Will we soon be making business calls with holograms sat opposite us? As soon as 5G is here, it could well be the reality as the high-speed mobile broadband networks will make it possible to project holograms before our very eyes. Vodafone showed it’s already set up to support these phone calls through a live demonstration featuring the England women’s football captain, Steph Houghton. The Sun

Scientists are in a race to develop a climate-change resistant wheat. Researchers have identified the location of more than 100,000 wheat genes and will use the map to develop new strains of grain that can cope with increased heat waves. As the global population is expected to reach 9.6 billion by 2050, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations estimates that wheat production needs to increase by 60% to feed everyone on the planet. BBC News

The earliest known letter from a suffragette militant has been found. Annie Kennedy was imprisoned in Manchester for disrupting a government minister’s public meeting, along with Christabel Pankhurst. She wrote the letter to her sister the day after she was released from jail and it was found in an archive in Canada, where her sister had emigrated. Kennedy was said to be one of the most influential women during the movement and was jailed several times. BBC News

We should stop shaming wasps. While we love bees, us Brits tend to give wasps a bit of a hard time. And apparently it’s all down to bad press. Although we see bees as valuable pollinators that make us delicious honey, we see wasps as useless creatures that sting people. In reality, wasps are just as useful, by pollinating lots of plants and killing pests. And they, like bees, need conservation. Country Living

University students chip in to send cleaner on holiday. Herman Gordon, a cleaner at the University of Bristol, hadn’t visited family in Jamaica for over 10 years. That was until around 230 students crowdfunded a trip for him. Within a week, they had raised £1,500 so Herman and his wife could go on holiday to Jamaica and stay in a five-star resort. He cried with joy when he received the gift. BBC News

Rival team players shared a touching moment during the India v Pakistan cricket match. When Pakistan’s Usman Khan’s laces were undone, it was a member of the opposite team who gave him a hand. Yuzvendra Chahal, who plays for India, knelt down and tied them for him in a heart-warming display of sportsmanship. The Indian Express

The Chilean military parade was much cuter than expected.  You don’t normally expect to be cooing while watching soldiers march in a parade, but that’s exactly what spectators in Chile did during the annual event. It featured a section dedicated to the police and its furry new recruits – golden retriever puppies – being carried in neon green pouches on their trainers’ chests. Evening Standard


Quote of the week

‘70% of the world’s population rely on the ocean for income or food and every other breath that we take comes from the ocean… Why can’t these companies accept the conspicuous connection between the marine environment and human populations? This is why I decided to make a dress out of Walkers crisp packets and wear it to my graduation. I am no fashion expert and hadn’t picked up a needle and thread since secondary school, but I was determined and on a mission to send Walkers a message.’

Emily Stevenson, 21, made the news this week by wearing a dress made of Walkers crisp packets as a campaign to the snack-food giant to cut down on its non-recyclable packaging. Metro

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