5th October 2018

Other Stories - 5th October 2018

Picture c. Quentin Blake/Roald Dahl Story Company 2018

A South Sudanese doctor is saving lives with surgical equipment made of spare car parts. Dr. Evan Atar Adahar carries out over 50 operations a week in the war-torn region using surgical equipment he makes himself out of spare car parts. The 52-year-old is set to receive the UN Refugee Agency’s Nansen Award – the organisation’s most prestigious award. Mirror

The salary needed to buy a city home has risen. Planning on buying your first home in one of the country’s biggest cities? Research from the Resolution Foundation shows your salary will have to rise by 18% due to the growth in prices over the last three years. Bristol and Manchester have seen the biggest drops in affordability, with first time buyers now needing to earn £58,826 and £34,770 respectively. The Guardian

A skull shaped comet will soon pass by Earth. In an ominous development worthy of a horror film, a skull-shaped asteroid nicknamed the ‘Great Pumpkin’ by NASA will pass by Earth in early November. First discovered in 2015 when it passed by us for the first time, the asteroid will make a second pass at a distance of over 25 million miles. Sky News

Men are six times more likely to get a driving ban. It’s a long-standing debate, but now the DVLA has stepped in to provide some data. And, the results are clear: statistically women are better drivers than men. 400,000 men have been disqualified in the last four years, compared to 66,272 women. So that’s settled that, then. RAC

Missouri parents sue school for cutting son from soccer team. We all know some over-competitive parents, but one mother in America has filed a discrimination suit after her son didn’t make his high-school soccer team. The mother has claimed that her son will face “irreparable harm” if he is not allowed back on the team. Business Insider

Salad Cream is here to stay. Heinz has decided to abandon a planned rebranding of Salad Cream after widespread criticisms of its proposals. The company had wanted to change the vague sounding original name to the even-vaguer and potentially more off-putting ‘Sandwich Cream’. However, 87% of the people the company asked didn’t like the new name. Sky News

What is Roald Dahl’s Matilda up to these days? Illustrator Sir Quentin Blake has released a series of drawings that imagine what the world-famous bookworm Matilda is doing 30 years after the events of Roald Dahl’s classic novel. Among the possible futures for the former Trunchball conqueror imagined by Blake, who provided illustrations for the original, are life as an astrophysicist, FX specialist and CEO of the British Library. BBC

Cambridge University unveils lettuce peeling robot. Researchers at Cambridge University have created a robot that can successfully peel a lettuce. This may seem an odd thing to be celebrating, but up until now robots have lacked the delicate touch needed to handle a lettuce without smashing it or ripping it to pieces. The robot could have a big impact on agriculture businesses. Endgadget

Could you spend 30 hours inside a coffin for $300? A US theme park is challenging people to spend over a day inside a coffin in the build up to Halloween. It might not actually be as bad as it first sounds though, as Six Flags Missouri is allowing challengers to bring their phones, have meals and regular toilet breaks. Easy! Indy100

Stat of the week

Do you think you could define the gender pay gap correctly? According to a recent YouGov survey just 30% of Brits chose the correct definition of the term.

Over 60% of respondents defined the gender pay gap as ‘Women being paid less than men for doing the same job’ – which in fact refers to equal pay. The correct definition for the gender pay gap is ‘Women as a whole being paid less on average than men as a whole.’ YouGov

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