15th September 2017

Other Stories - 15th September 2017

Self-diagnosing illnesses online is making us feel worse. ‘Cyber-chondria’ is contributing to growing anxiety about health, with many people turning to the internet to research symptoms. Researchers in the UK are now calling for official health anxiety guidelines to be drawn up to prevent people from turning to self-diagnosis, which can often exacerbate health concerns, rather than remedy them. BBC News

Clothes that grow with your children win the UK's annual James Dyson prize for innovation. It’s easy to spend a small fortune on clothes for children before they’re even a toddler, which is why a graduate of the Royal College of Art has devised a range of clothing that grows with the wearer. Ryan Yasin created the origami-inspired material with a view to developing a neat solution that could be used by children aged from 4-6 months, all the way through to three-years-old. Metro

Christian parents to sue school over cross-dressing pupil in son’s class. The parents, whose child attends a Church of England primary school, claim their son was left so confused by his peer’s outfit that he “became ill”. They have since announced plans to educate their son at home alongside his older brother, who was previously removed from school for similar reasons. The school has countered that, in allowing the boy to wear a dress, it has followed Church of England guidance on the issue. Independent

We’re being tricked into buying even unhealthier food. Claims that consumers are tucking in to healthy options should be treated with a dose of skepticism, after the Royal Society for Public Health warned that consumers are falling victim to the act of ‘upselling’. The tactic is widespread and sees cafes and restaurants encouraging customers to upgrade their orders to larger offerings, piling on additional calories in the process. Guardian

Bristol man vows to play piano non-stop to win back his ex. The heartbroken musician set up camp on Bristol’s College Green after his four-month-long relationship came to an end, vowing to play until his ex sees just how much she means to him. His motives have inspired fierce debate online and he has been criticized by sections of the media who argue that his “creepy” actions undermine the woman’s own decision to end the relationship. Mirror

Game of Thrones seventh season was pirated over a billion times. As the biggest show on television, it’s little surprise that Game of Thrones is subject to piracy, but new eye-watering figures suggest that the show is drawing a large portion of its viewership from illicit channels. The first episode alone was reported to have been downloaded approximately 140 million times. The news follows a number of hacks against HBO, the show’s broadcaster, who were held to ransom with threats of full episodes being leaked in advance of broadcast. Newsbeat


"It's become some sort of anthem for defiance. And every time you sing, we win."

Noel Gallagher performing Don’t Look Back in Anger at Manchester Arena, which re-opened last week following May’s terrorist attack in which 22 people lost their lives.


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