17th November 2017

Other Stories - 17th November 2017

Church of England says boys should be able to ‘dress like girls’ if they want to. Citing nursery and primary school as a time of ‘creative exploration’, the church has stated that children should be able to wear whatever they like ‘without expectation or comment’. The Church has issued guidance to that effect to its schools, explaining that youngsters should be free to ‘explore the possibilities of who they might be’. Metro

Christmas ad spending is set to reach a record high. Spending to the tune of £6bn, no less. That’s the prediction of the Advertising Association at least, who anticipate that retailers’ seasonal advertising spend will mark an unprecedented increase of 37% on 2010’s figures during the final quarter of this year. Independent

Man buys £3,000 laptop and receives mop instead. Receiving the wrong item is every online shopper’s worst nightmare, but when Aaron Gander took delivery of a new laptop he had purchased from Amazon, it became clear that something strange was afoot. “When I inspected the delivery address label, I could see that it had been tampered with.” It transpires that Aaron wasn’t alone, with several police reports of other people having their parcels swapped for items they didn’t order. Metro

Nutella changes its recipe and consumers aren’t happy. Ferrero, the maker of everyone’s favourite hazelnut spread, has admitted that the recipe has been tweaked, adding more sugar in the process. The new recipe contains 8.7% powdered skimmed milk, compared to 7.5% previously, with sugar content increasing from 55.9% to 56.3%. Predictably, social media went in to a frenzy with many fans threatening a boycott unless Ferrero reverts to the old recipe. Sky News

Morrisons opens its first in-store bar. No one particularly enjoys doing the weekly shop, but shoppers in Guiseley near Leeds now have the option to enjoy a pint from the in-store café while picking up their groceries. Leeds City Council has granted the supermarket chain a modified off-license that allows it to sell alcohol from 6am to 12am. If the trial goes well, the scheme could soon be rolled out at other stores across the country. Metro

Sheep can identify celebrities, apparently. A new study by the University of Cambridge has shown that sheep possess a highly developed ability to recognise the faces of celebrities. In the tests, each sheep was shown two faces, one of which was a celebrity. They were then given an award of a cereal pellet if they chose the correct image. Eight times out of ten, the sheep successfully recognised the celebrity image. Quite how useful this skill is remains to be seen. Reuters

Paramedics stunned after neighbour leaves them a disgruntled note. On returning to their ambulance after spending half-an-hour with a critically ill patient, the paramedics couldn’t quite comprehend the grumpy note pinned to their vehicle, which called them out for parking in ‘a stupid place’. The note was widely shared online, with many users suggesting the neighbour should be named and shamed. Telegraph

Driverless bus crashes just hours after launch. They were set to be the future of city transport, but after just two hours on the road, a driverless shuttlebus in Las Vegas was involved in a crash caused by human error. Police said a lorry driver who reversed into the electric vehicle was responsible for the collision. No one was injured. Sky News

Stranger Things stars condemn criticism. Being a celebrity is no easy task in 2017, but being young and in the public eye appears to be even tougher. The castmates of Stranger Things star Finn Wolfhard were forced to leap to the 14-year-old actor’s defence last week when a fan called him out for not stopping to speak to them outside his hotel. Co-star, Shannon Purser, countered that "no actor is under any obligation to stop for anyone."  Newsbeat


"I don't think there's ever such a thing as having too much quality."

Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger refuses to address or deny rumours that the company has held talks to acquire its rival, 21st Century Fox.


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