28th July 2017

Other Stories - 28th July 2017

Swiss Citizenship process to be reviewed after lifelong resident fails application. Despite living in Switzerland her entire life, 25-year-old Funda Yilmaz was rejected for Swiss citizenship due to apparent “gaps” in her knowledge. Born to Turkish parents, Yilmaz is fluent in her local dialect but was criticised by a jury of local councillors for her lack of understanding of the municipal recycling system and for not being able to name local shops other than chain supermarkets. Guardian

25 tons of chocolate brings a UK road to a standstill. Motorists were severely delayed earlier this month when a section of the A2 in Kent was closed for hours after a lorry carrying 25 tons of Lion chocolate bars caught fire. The clean-up process subsequently saw fire crews working with Kent Highways to scrape the melted chocolate from the tarmac. Luckily, no-one was injured. Sky News

Britain’s rudest bookshop calls it a day. Following a local campaign that saw residents urging him to move out of town, Yorkshire bookseller Steve Bloom has decided to sell the business he set up four years ago. Widely disliked for his unpopular policy of charging customers a 50p entry fee, Bloom maintains he sold the business in Hawes of his own volition, partly to escape his whinging customers. Telegraph

As SPAM turns 80, the meaning of its mysterious acronym is finally revealed. The popular tinned meat, first launched in 1937, has had its name revealed to mean ‘Sizzle. Pork. And. Mmm.‘ SPAM announced the news with little fanfare via its Twitter bio, which should put to bed some of the more suspect theories about its ambiguous naming conventions that have circulated for years. Daily Record

Russia claims fidget spinners are being used by political opponents to lure young supporters. Following the sale of the popular gadgets at unauthorised opposition rallies, Russia’s consumer rights watchdog has launched an investigation after state-run media indicated that fidget spinners could be used to sway political opinion. Meanwhile, Russian parents and teachers have suggested that the toys may be having adverse effects on children’s health. Telegraph

Diet Coke is the most frustrating drink you can order on a plane. It has been revealed that Diet Coke takes up to three times longer to serve on a plane due to the effects of high altitude. While its non-diet equivalent won’t cause issues for flight attendants, Diet Coke takes longer to pour as the low air pressure on a plane makes it easier to release C02 in the drink, causing it to be far fizzier than it is on the ground. Metro

“I would just add one other great lady to that lovely list who I’m delighted to join in celebrating, and that’s Jane Austen, who will feature on the new £10 note… another one of our greatest living authors.”

MP Andrea Leadsom’s slip of the tongue as she welcomes the new plastic £10 note featuring Jane Austen’s portrait. BBC

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