29th September 2017

Other Stories - 29th September 2017

Your new £10 note could be worth a whole lot more. Released on 14 September, the new polymer £10 note features Jane Austen. And any notes with serial numbers relating to significant dates in her life could be worth thousands of pounds. Experts suggest those featuring her date of birth (16 121775), or death (18 071817), will be particularly desirable, while those featuring the publishing date of Pride and Prejudice will also be highly sought after. MSN

Why are NFL players kneeling through the US national anthem? Last year, Colin Kaepernick, a San Francisco 49ers quarterback, put one knee to the ground during a pre-game rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. He did so to protest the excessive use of force by police against African-Americans. Since then, more players have done the same. And after President Trump recently criticised the act as disrespectful of the country and flag, NFL players staged an unprecedented act of protest at a Wembley Stadium weekend match. The Guardian

Supersonic air travel could be set to return. NASA has been testing a new supersonic ‘X-plane’ jet, and it could change air travel for good. The Quiet Supersonic Technology (QueSST) design is capable of hitting supersonic speeds over land, but crucially, it can do so without the loud sonic boom that usually accompanies such speeds. As a result, it could fly from London to New York in three hours. NASA is now ready to take bids for the construction of a demo aircraft – a project worth over £280 million. Metro

Canadian president divides passionate tweeters… over his choice of socks. Justin Trudeau was recently a guest speaker at a business forum in New York. And those watching very quickly picked up on his bold choice of socks depicting Star Wars character Chewbacca. Trudeau was promptly mentioned on Twitter by Star Trek actor William Shatner who light-heartedly commented “@JustinTrudeau I thought we were friends. Chewbacca socks?” Meanwhile Star Wars actor Mark Hamill, who plays Luke Skywalker responded, “Here’s another reason I love @JustinTrudeau”. A wave of commentary followed, adding to Trudeau’s reputation in the media for his ‘sock diplomacy’. Sky

Linguists resurrect 30 words lost from the English language. Experts at the University of York have released a list of 30 lost words that are still relevant to modern life, in a bid to resurrect their usage. The words fall into five themes including personality and appearance, and include ‘Nickum’ (a cheating or dishonest person), ‘sillytonian’ (a silly or gullible person, once considered as belonging to a notional sect of such people), and ‘tremblable’ (causing dread or horror). Sky

They form partnerships for 50 years, they circle the Antarctic collecting food, they come back to their mates at the same place, but they also feed their young.

And there’s a shot of the young being fed and what comes out of the mouth of the beak of the adult? Not sand eels, and not fish and not squid… Plastic. And it’s heart-breaking.”

Sir David Attenborough speaking about his experience of seeing an albatross trying to feed her chicks, a sign of the effects that plastic is having on the world’s oceans.

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