3rd November 2017

Other Stories - 3rd November 2017

The US government opens the JFK files. Almost 3,000 files that remained hidden away under lock and key for decades have been released by the US government. Among other things, they reveal that a British local newspaper received a phone call 25 minutes before the JFK shooting, alerting them to "some big news" in America. The FBI and the CIA have argued that hundreds of records needed to remain classified, suggesting that they are still capable of harming national security. Conspiracy theorists have suggested that intelligence agencies are simply trying to cover up their mistakes. Newsbeat

Japanese food firm develops noise-cancelling fork to silence slurping. Everyone knows that noodles are hardly the quietest of culinary choices, but Nissin Food Products has gone to great lengths to create a solution that may be set to silence slurping. The development comes following concerns that tourists found the sound of noodle consumption difficult to stomach, with some dubbing the phenomenon as so-called "noodle harassment" on social media. The fork uses a microphone to detect the sound, triggering a smartphone app, which masks the sound. Sky News

New Zealand’s ‘first cat’ is the latest internet sensation. Cat lovers around the world rejoiced at the news that New Zealand’s new PM, Jacinda Ardern, who happens to be the country’s youngest-ever leader for 150 years, is joined in office by her beloved pet cat, Paddles. The moggy has already gone down a storm on social media, after an unknown Twitter user set up an account in her stead. Similar pet accounts have since engaged in lively conversation with Paddles, including Downing Street’s own chief mouser, Larry. BBC News

Enjoyed a lie in as the clocks went back? Some people weren’t so lucky. Spare a thought for the Palace of Westminster Clockmakers, who have the responsibility of changing all 2,000 clocks throughout the Houses of Parliament, including Big Ben. Starting just after 9pm and finishing at 2am, the team works through the night to make sure the nation’s most important clocks are completely correct. Parliament UK

Wales is home to the UK’s cheapest roast dinner. Brits love nothing more than a Sunday roast (with extra Yorkshire Puddings and gravy all round). And a study by a holiday homes construction firm recently found that Wales is home to the cheapest roast if you’re eating out. At £10.94 it’s still not quite the value of a homemade dish, but compared with £20 plus for a roast dinner in London it’s a positive bargain. Indy100

Ed Balls mocks US police force for Twitter error. Former MP Ed Balls garnered countless fans in 2011 after his infamous Twitter gaffe, which saw him erroneously post his own name on the social media site – a ‘momentous occasion’ that continues to be celebrated every year. Balls, ever the one to embrace the gag, took the opportunity to point out a similar error by the DC Police Department, who tweeted ‘dcpolice’. Just as Balls did with his original tweet, the police department saw the funny side and the offending tweet remains to be enjoyed in all its glory. Metro

Octopuses are invading a Welsh beach. First, we had the Portuguese Man-of-War; now it’s the turn of cephalopods to arrive on our shores. The appearance of curled octopuses, which measure up to 20 inches, is considered rather uncommon on land, but even rarer is the appearance of 25 in one place, as happened in Ceredigion Bay in Wales. Overfishing of Atlantic cod, which eat curled octopuses, has caused numbers to increase in recent years, but it’s still unclear why so many washed ashore in the bay. Metro

Woman becomes $24.5 million richer after banking gaffe. Imagine waking up to an extra couple of million dollars in your bank account. That’s what happened to Sydney lawyer Clare Wainwright who woke up to discover she was an accidental multimillionaire last week when National Australia Bank paid out her mortgage and gave her the millions to redraw. Her bank balance was back to normal by the following day, but despite becoming a millionaire for one day, Wainwright said she wasn’t even tempted to touch the money. MSN

Flying out of Alaska? A bearded seal has other ideas. “I’ve seen a lot of things on runways, but never a seal,” Airport Foreman Scott Babcock recalled after finding a 450-pound bearded seal reclining in the sun at Wiley Post-Will Rogers Memorial Airport in Utqiagvik, Alaska. After stopping a number of flights, Animal control was eventually called in and the seal was removed safely with the help of a sled. Huffington Post

"The message from this research appears to be pretty clear: UK audiences are fed up. The majority would like the option to resell a ticket for the price they paid for it, and they’re in favour of measures to curb mass-scale online ticket touting”.

FanFair Alliance campaigner, Adam Webb reacts to a recent poll suggesting that mass online touting is causing long-term damage to the UK's £4.5bn music industry.


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