6th October 2017

Other Stories - 6th October 2017

25-34-year olds are spending less money on fun than everyone else. New research by The Resolution Foundation has found that the so-called ‘millennial generation’ are unable to afford life’s little luxuries, such as a morning coffee or dining out due to the inflated cost of living. The issue is also compounded by rising accommodation costs as well as falling incomes, which are thought to be having a seriously detrimental effect on their ability to find the money for holidays and casual spending. Newsbeat

Nibiru conspiracy theories about the end of the world debunked as nonsense. Theories, which have been circulating online for more than two decades, cited September 23rd 2017 as the end of the world, but they have been definitively debunked. The Nibiru (or Planet X) theory, which suggested that a mythological planet in the solar system would wipe us out, has been continually dismissed by Nasa as little more than an internet hoax. The fact that you’re reading this over a week later, should really come as further evidence of this. Telegraph

Musician causes a stir down under with pro-same-sex marriage performance. In the midst of Australia’s controversial gay marriage vote, musician Macklemore’s performance of his song ‘Same Love’ at the National Rugby League grand final caused controversy. Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott had joined calls to ban the song from being played amidst concerns that the sporting event was being politicised due to its lyrical content, which supports gay marriage. Macklemore has since pointed out that attempts to ban him from performing the song have led to it hitting the #1 spot on iTunes. Guardian

Man navigates pumpkin across Boston Harbour… as you do. Christian Ilsey’s ambition to grow a giant pumpkin in his backyard seemed like a perfectly rational thing to do, but when it transpired that his intention was to pilot the pumpkin across Boston Harbour everyone but his close friends were surprised. Squeezing into the 520-pound vegetable, Ilsey was supported by wooden planks, screws and rope as he made the journey in just over half an hour. He later explained that plans are already afoot for a second pumpkin vessel. Boston Globe

Donkey mistakes orange McLaren supercar for a carrot. When German motorist Markus Zahn left his £220,000 motor by a donkey’s paddock, the last thing he would have expected would have been to find said donkey chomping on the back on the car. Due to the car’s bright, distinctive colour, it’s thought that the donkey became confused and attempted to take a bite out of it, damaging the paintwork and carbon-fibre spoiler in the process. Metro

A man roped in a giraffe to help him propose to his girlfriend. When Cody Hall proposed to his girlfriend Makayla Blakey at Dickerson Park Zoo, he received some surprise assistance from a giraffe named Mili. Having thought the couple were having a private tour of the enclosure, Blakey was caught off-guard when she spotted the ring hanging from the giraffe’s neck, which Hall took as his cue to pop the question. MSN


“It’s really crazy that we build these sophisticated rockets and then crash them every time we fly. This is mad. ”

Elon Musk on his research in to reusable spacecraft designs, which he claims could feasibly see his company, SpaceX, helping to colonise Mars in the not too distant future.


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