7th July 2017

Other Stories - 7 July 2017

Many Leave voters would now be willing to pay to keep their EU citizenship rights. A new poll has suggested that 68% of Brits would be prepared to pay to retain their rights as EU citizens after Brexit. Of those polled, over half voted Leave in last year’s Referendum. The full study, which has yet to be made public, also indicates that some people would even be prepared to pay over £1,000 a year to secure their rights. The Independent

The Grenfell Tower death toll may not be known until 2018. Police have commented that the total number of deaths resulting from the tragic Grenfell Tower fire may not be confirmed until the end of this year at the very earliest. With 80 people currently presumed to have died, investigators have said that the full death toll will only be known when the search and identification process is complete. The news came as survivors and relatives expressed frustration with the slow progress of the recovery operation. BBC News

Donald Trump slams CNN again. Almost literally. Continuing his attack on so-called “fake news,” Donald Trump has stirred controversy on Twitter once more. On Sunday, the President shared a video depicting him wrestling a man whose head was replaced by the CNN logo. The video was accompanied by the hashtag #FakeNewsCNN. It later emerged that the footage, edited from a 2007 appearance Trump made on World Wrestling Entertainment, had originated from a Reddit user with a history of sharing racist and anti-Muslim content on the social media site. Slate

Dutch students power a bus with ant venom. It may sound like a solution ripped straight out of science fiction, but a group of students from Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands have devised a new way of storing energy, which could prove to be cheaper and more sustainable than other renewable fuels. The team have reportedly created the world’s first bus that runs on formic acid, a chemical found in the stings and bites of ants and other insects around the globe. BBC News

The iPhone celebrates its 10th birthday. It may seem difficult to believe, but Apple’s flagship mobile phone has now been enhancing its users’ lives for just over decade. First released in June 2007, the device has since become a permanent fixture in consumers’ pockets, with countless iterations of the device released since its initial launch. The Guardian

Actor recruits lookalike to attend Spider-Man premiere. Actor and comedian Hannibal Buress has a reputation for being a bit of a prankster and his recent no-show at the LA premiere for Spider-Man: Homecoming was no exception. When Buress was unable to attend the event due to other commitments, he instead paid aspiring actor Joe Carroll to fill in for him. Having recruited him via Twitter following a request for a doppelganger “with solid comic timing,” Carroll was apparently so convincing that interviews with him appeared in the event’s live feed without arousing suspicion. Vanity Fair

"I am a late convert to social media and it's turned out to be great fun. We've put up some jolly photographs... You hear a lot about unpleasantness but it's reassuring that there is a lighter touch."

Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg comments on his new-found popularity after he decided to embrace social media while on the campaign trail.

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