8th September 2017

Other Stories - 8th September 2017

L’Oréal sacks its first transgender model. Munroe Bergdorf has been removed by the cosmetics giant after she was accused of posting racist comments on social media. The company explained that the model’s comments, made in response to violent clashes in Charlottesville, were at odds with their values. Newsbeat

Colombian Nun prepares to rap for the pope. As Pope Francis gears up to visit Colombia this week, he can look forward to being greeted with a slice of rap music, courtesy of a group of nuns. Leading the group is Maria Valentina de los Angeles, who explained that rap presented an opportunity to show the pope love through music, adding that the genre sticks in the head easily. MSN

The Yellow Pages goes out of print. Every day the world becomes more digital and it has been announced that the once bulky staple of every household will be entering its final print run this year. The first edition was published in Brighton in 1966 and has since become something of a British institution. There will be no new books available from 2019 but the good news is the service will continue in digital formats. Metro

50,000 people walk Queensferry Crossing for the first and last time. The new bridge, which links Edinburgh and Fife, was opened officially by the Queen on 30 August, but not before a selection of people made the 1.7-mile-long walk for themselves. Almost 250,000 people entered the ballot to take the walk, which was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity since the bridge has no pedestrian access. Guardian

Mental health issues count for one in three sick notes across the UK. A new report by the NHS has revealed that more people than ever before are taking time off work due to stress, anxiety and depression. Government funding for mental health services is reported to have risen by £1.4bn in the last three years, but it’s clear that there is still a huge way to go in providing much-needed support. Evening Standard

South Africa’s first language only has three fluent speakers left in the world. N|uu, one of the languages spoken by South Africa's San community, is considered the original language of the country. Aside from the three members of the Esau family, however, there are no fluent speakers elsewhere in the world, which has led to the UN recently recognising the language as “critically endangered”. BBC News

US comedian Amy Schumer leaves huge tip for Boston College student. Whilst on a break during filming, the US comedian ventured to a local diner where she left a $500 tip for her waitress on an $80 tab. According to the restaurant’s owner, Schumer had explained that, having been a waitress once herself, she knew how hard the job was. As tips go, this one went a long way to showing solidarity.  MSN

500,000 bees stolen from New Zealand honey company. Bee robbery isn’t something you tend hear about a lot in the news, but the recent theft of 19 hives from a honey company has proven that it’s a very real problem. Arataki Honey were shocked to find themselves targeted and have stated that whoever stole their valuable workers clearly had beekeeping experience and knew what they were doing. Stuff

"She's a controversial feminist, which is crucial. She makes us consider what it means to be a feminist - or what it can mean, but her feminism is addressed to a non-academic audience… It is hard not to be impressed. She is extremely good at what she does."

Professor Erik Steinskog of the University of Copenhagen explains the introduction of a course based on the life of Beyoncé.


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