Blockchain has the potential to transform the way companies operate, helping them enhance basic functions, streamline processes and remove barriers to collaboration and value creation. Businesses all over the world are already benefiting from the improved data security and increased efficiency blockchain offers. Your business can benefit too. Our team of leading experts will work with you to create tailored training, design and implementation solutions to eliminate fraud, control the movement of data and ensure the secure management of cryptoassets. We provide the Blockchain Consultancy through our in-house team and through our group company Thrings Consultancy Services Ltd*.

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From energy to real estate, blockchain is uprooting established practices and creating new opportunities and business models. For those who embrace blockchain, the potential benefits are numerous. It can increase transparency, security, efficiency and data traceability, while reducing costs and eliminating the need for intermediaries.

But there are challenges. Companies face technological hurdles such as the management of cryptoassets, integration with legacy systems and adopting new solutions. And there will also be organisational hurdles such as a lack of user experience or technical knowledge. The Blockchain Consultancy team can help you overcome these challenges by creating tailored solutions that give you the full strategic and commercial value of distributed ledger technologies.

One of the biggest challenges in adopting blockchain is finding partners with the right level of specialist knowledge. Using our industry-leading blend of technical insight and legal expertise, we will work with you to train your team, design a solution tailored to your needs and manage its implementation. Once it is up and running, we will help you maintain the long-term performance of your new blockchain solution. That way, we can make sure blockchain adds value for you now and into the future.

We will work collaboratively with your team to create a process that meets your needs, from initial training through to the implementation and ongoing maintenance of your blockchain solution.

  • Education – In-person or virtual workshops for key stakeholders, to facilitate informed strategic decision-making across your organisation
  • Assessment – Tailored and collaborative agile workshops to establish where blockchain can add value to your business, for example through smart contract implementation or data reconciliation
  • Analysis – Forensic analysis and due diligence of potential solutions and partners for your business
  • Design – A tailored technology solution, adapted specifically for your business
  • Implementation – Custodianship of technology partners through the testing and implementation process
  • Maintenance – Ongoing updates and reviews, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition, including advising you on any blockchain related disputes that may arise

* Thrings Consultancy Services Limited, is not regulated by the Solicitors Regulatory Authority. If consultancy services are provided through this group company we will let you know.