60 seconds with... Elaine Meyrick

60 seconds with Elaine Meyrick, Partner, Corporate and Commercial

Elaine Meyrick, Partner, Corporate and Commercial

What motivated you to become a lawyer?

The idea about becoming a lawyer first dawned on me at sixth form. It sounded like an exciting career and as I enjoyed subjects like maths and economics, it might be one I was good at. In my youth I was also pretty good at arguing (my parents can attest to this) which felt like a useful skill for a lawyer – and although I have ended up going into corporate law where we work collaboratively, my argumentative skill is always in the back pocket if I need it…

Why do you specialise in Corporate Law?

It is probably (in my opinion) the most interesting area of law. You work with different businesses and clients in all kinds of countries and cracking the deal is sometimes almost like solving a puzzle. It also feeds into lots of other areas of law, so I get the pleasure of working with colleagues specialising in all other disciplines of law across the firm.

Can you highlight a case or a standout moment that was particularly interesting?

I won the Bristol Junior Law of the year in 2012 – that was pretty cool

What do you enjoy most about your job?  

Getting to know clients, their businesses, their interests, and reaching a ‘milestone’ event such as a sale, acquisition of investment. It’s often such an important time for the client and I really enjoy being part of the team that helps them to reach what is sometimes a life-long goal.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Gigs! Love live music, all forms, particularly stadium and festival sets.

Name one thing that makes your life better? 


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