Collaborative law is an increasingly popular alternative dispute resolution process chosen by couples faced with issues arising from separation, divorce and/or dissolution.

Here at Thrings, we recognise that a threat of court action can hinder rather than progress any course of constructive negotiation, especially when those discussions centre around such personal issues as private financial arrangements or children.


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Collaborate law experts

We have a team of specially trained Collaborative law experts on hand to support you and your partner through this unique process and the inevitable, often difficult, discussions ahead of you.

The reality is that most couples manage to find solutions to their problems without needing a Judge at Court to make decisions for them. The Collaborative approach is special because it removes any threat of court process at an early stage and by doing so, anchors the couple and their support team into positive discussions, which place the goals and aspirations of both you and your partner high on the agenda.

By no means is this an easy option, and occasionally emotions can run high. When that happens though your team of experts will be on hand to guide you through.

The long term benefits of dealing with disputes in this practical and sensible way are unquantifiable, especially in those cases where children are involved. All too often children can, quite unintentionally, be left emotionally scarred by their warring divorcing parents.

For those couples who still care about what the future holds for each of them, a high priority is to handle the impact and legalities of their broken relationship in a civilised and respectful way. If being able to see your partner tomorrow is a more attractive option than seeing them in court…then maybe Collaborative process is a suitable process for you to consider.