If you are purchasing property abroad or have overseas business interests or investments, it is highly likely your documents and deeds will need to be notarised. It may seem like a time-consuming practice, but this official procedure will help prevent unnecessary delays down the line.

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Duncan Sigournay

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Jeremy Thring

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When you are dealing with affairs or property in another country, getting your documents prepared for foreign jurisdictions is a vital step in the process. You might run a business and want to set up a division abroad, which requires legally authenticating company documents. Or, it might be a personal venture and you need your qualifications, Powers of Attorney or statutory declarations notorised. Whatever your plans, you might also require verification of translations to make sure you understand the full scope of any agreements you make.

If you need legal confirmation of any documents, our Notary specialists can ensure all of the details are in order for you. Having an additional qualification above that of a solicitor means our Notaries and their work are recognised professionally abroad as well as in the UK.

Our Notaries will work with you to understand your situation and provide clear, practical and commercial guidance tailored to you and your objectives. Whether your overseas endeavour is personal or for business, we can attest, authenticate and certify paperwork so its fit-for-purpose in foreign jurisdictions.

Our Notaries have a wide range of experience in this area:

Private individuals

  • Witnessing the signature of documents for use outside the UK (for example, Powers of Attorney in relation to foreign properties)
  • Administering affidavits and statutory declarations for use outside the UK
  • Authenticating the signature to and/or the content of documents and facts recited
  • Notarising documents in connection with adoption applications for children from outside the UK
  • Obtaining legalisation from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and foreign embassies/consulates where appropriate
  • Provision of notarised copies of documents, such as identification documents and qualifications for the purposes of working abroad or seeking professional qualifications in other jurisdictions
  • Verifying translations of documents into and from English (via a translator)


  • Administering affidavits and statutory declarations for use outside the UK
  • Authenticating company documents for setting up companies/offices abroad, including memorandum and articles of association, and obtaining Certificates of Good Standing from Companies House
  • Notarising deeds of assignment of intellectual property rights
  • Protesting bills of exchange
  • Witnessing powers of attorney for use overseas

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