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Find out more about Adam Hensons' Cotswold Park Farm that specialises in the breeding of rare breeds and brilliant example of what diversification and good experience and expertise can do for farming businesses.

The Keeping on Track Podcasts, created by Adam Henson and Team Doctor and supported by Thrings, seek to explore the different mental health challenges faced by many farmers but which aren’t often talked about. The aim is to encourage more communication within the farming sector, prevent farmers from suffering in silence and enable them to receive the support they need before it is too late.

PIG SHED TRUST | Agriculture

A desire to create a practical and measurable solution for conservation has led Harvey Jones, Trustee of the Pig Shed Trust, to give over some of the land on his arable farm in South Holt in Hampshire to create a sanctuary for wildlife.

Working closely with Portsmouth Water, the Pig Shed Trust has agreed to rewild 80 hectares of the farm over the next 80 years to develop woodland, wood pasture and grassland habitats.

Harvey’s ambition is to use the best resources we have to enable wildlife to survive and thrive into the future.


This farm has been in the Martin family for four generations, starting with 25 cows and increasing to 800. New technology has brought huge changes to the business; whether its milking, vending or cleaning, this has meant more efficient methods. When getting advice Thrings has brought years of agriculture legal knowledge. Find out more about our agriculture legal services here.

The Old Bell | Business Growth

This video showcases the captivating story of the Old Bell in Malmesbury and the inspiring journey undertaken by Whit and Kim Hanks to restore this historic hotel to its former glory. With their deep family connections to Malmesbury, Whit and Kim Hanks were driven by a determination to breathe new life into this luxurious establishment and position it at the heart of the community. Whit and Kim explain how important trusted advisers are to a business such as this. Find out more from our business growth lawyers here.

Wadswick country store | Solar

This farm found difficulties in the 1980s and needed to diversify its business in order to survive in and ever-changing agricultural landscape. The farm now offers a shop, restaurant, offices and storage as well as a solar park and biomass generators that produce all the farms electric and heat. Thrings offer advice across all these areas, from business growth to agriculture and clean energy and development projects.

Poppy's Picnic | Business Growth

Setting up your own business can be the most rewarding ventures, but it can come with difficulties as the owner of Poppy's Picnic found when starting out after a successful career in PR. Finding trusted legal advisors and the right knowledge for the right situation is key in building and growth for your business. Watch Dylan’s journey to success in this film and find out more about any of the aspects of business growth from our special lawyers here.

The Family Business | Business Growth

Established in 2003 by Mo Coppoletta, The Family Business in central London is a unique shop and studio for tattoo enthusiasts.

With high standards of creativity and customer service, the Family Business has grown its reputation as being one of the capital’s leading studios.In this film, Mo discusses the importance of strong relationships with your business advisers. Find out more about the support from our Business Growth lawyers here.


The Matterly Estate | Diversification

Mutli-generation farm land has been affected by recent event in the UK. But farmers such as those at The Matterly Estate have used Thrings expertise to diversify the land to make the most of the opportunities for new business ventures. Festivals, racing and motorsport are just some of the new events that the farm now hosts. Thrings agriculture and development of land lawyers can help.