The engineering and construction industries are surrounded by regulation. It may seem time-consuming and frustrating, especially when resolving matters puts work on hold, but having the correct legalities in place will protect your professional reputation and safeguard the profitability of your projects.

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When you have a project to get off the ground, there may be a number of legal permissions you need to secure first. For example, you might need development agreements or building contracts to get started, or warranties to allow work to begin with third parties. Perhaps you are experiencing issues with access to your site or you need to secure agreements with a telecommunications provider to serve your development.

We understand that getting the legalities in place could cause delays for your project, which can have costly implications. Taking a strategic approach, our lawyers will seek the most efficient and cost-effective strategy to meet your aims.

Collaborating closely with our Commercial Property and Planning Teams, we can offer expert tailored advice on a wide range of issues, from contracts to agreements and warranties. Whether you are a developer, lender, corporate occupier, consultant, contractor or owner of a property, our construction and engineering solicitors have the experience, knowledge and skill to negotiate the best possible outcome for you in a time-sensitive way.

Members of our Construction and Engineering Team have been involved in a number of high-profile projects. Highlights include:

  • Advising on a case involving a defective pipeline, with the claims being directed against the supplier and the case being settled shortly after a pre-action mediation took place
  • Defending a supplier against claims arising out of a defective warehouse floor which included instructing a QC and a leading technical expert
  • Pursuing and defending claims associated with high value telecommunications projects
  • Advising on defects in refurbished office developments, with one project involving four adjudications on issues associated with payment and defective works

We have assisted clients with a range of developments, including:

  • Residential: student accommodation, care homes, apartments, houses
  • Commercial: office base build and fit-out, mixed-use schemes
  • Retail and leisure: shops, hotels and restaurants

Our highly-qualified solicitors’ expertise in the Construction and Engineering fields includes: