One Couple One Lawyer

collaborative, cost-effective and efficient route to separation and divorce

The One Couple One Lawyer divorce and separation process is an approach to divorce where the same lawyer can advise and assist both you and your partner. For many, it can offer a more collaborative, cost-effective and efficient route to separation and divorce.

Our lawyers can tailor their advice to your specific circumstances and offer clear guidance that meets your individual needs. In some cases, this can also involve other professional input such as financial advisors or therapeutic support that can work alongside.

Thrings family lawyers offer joint advice to couples at all stages of the process - from arrangements for the children to those considering separation or already involved in divorce proceedings.

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Why should we use the One Couple One Lawyer process?

Less conflict and stress

One of the major benefits of the one couple one lawyer divorce process is that it encourages a cooperative and amicable atmosphere. By working together and focusing on finding mutually beneficial solutions, it helps reduce conflict and stress associated with traditional, sometimes adversarial, divorce proceedings.

Enhanced communication

This process prioritises the common goal between couples and encourages open and respectful communication in a safe and supported environment. The lawyer will advise and facilitate productive discussions, ensuring that both parties have an equal opportunity to express their needs and concerns. This can lead to better long-term outcomes for separating couples.

Tailored solutions

With this process couples have more control over the final settlement agreement; with legal input from the lawyer, both individuals can actively participate in crafting solutions that meet their unique needs and priorities, rather than leaving those decisions solely in the hands of a judge.


One couple one lawyer divorce process can often be less expensive than traditional divorce litigation because it involves a single lawyer who works with both parties. This approach reduces the need for multiple lawyers, which can significantly lower legal fees.

Privacy and confidentiality

Unlike court hearings that are open to the public, One Couple One Lawyer conversations are private and confidential. This means that sensitive information and personal matters can be discussed in a more secure and discreet environment.

Faster resolution

Since the couple and the lawyer work together to reach an agreement, the one couple one lawyer divorce process often leads to a more efficient and quicker resolution compared to divorce litigation. This can save both time and emotional energy, allowing couples to move forward with their lives sooner.


The One Couple One Lawyer process may not suit everyone and will certainly vary depending on the specific circumstances of each case. However, many couples find this approach to be a valuable alternative to traditional divorce, offering a range of benefits that promote a more positive and mindful transition.

If you are thinking about separation and divorce and want to explore One Couple One Lawyer, please get in contact to find out more about the process.

All lawyers working as One Couple One Lawyer should have completed Resolution’s specific training which is SRA compliant.

Is this way of divorcing fair for both parties?

The process will always follow the applicable law. For financial divorce cases this means ensuring that section 25 of Matrimonial Causes Act has been fully considered. All financial settlements for example have to be sent in to the court on paper to be considered by a judge as ‘fair’. If the settlement is unfair to one party, it will not be approved. Your lawyer will ensure that the agreement reached falls within these parameters.

How will we know if we are suitable for One Couple One Lawyer?

The lawyer will meet you both individually first to get to know you, your circumstances and your aspirations for the future. The meeting will be at least 1 hour each. After that, the lawyer will assess whether this is the right process for you both. If the process is not right, then they can work with you both to find an alternative that involves another lawyer.

How is one couple, one lawyer different to mediation?

Mediation is a great way to resolve disputes without specific legal input. Mediators can provide legal information, but they cannot apply that law to the facts of your case or give an indication of how a judge might view the issue(s) to help you both reach an agreement. Mediators cannot draw up any financial settlement into an order, whereas under the one lawyer, one couple process, we can.

Will I need to attend court?

There should be no reason to attend court.

When will I be able to remarry?

You can remarry after the Final Order has been achieved within the divorce.

When are financial issues dealt with?

Financial issues can be dealt with right away. The process is tailored to you so if there are other more pressing issues such as the arrangements for the children that you wish to discuss first, that is fine too.

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