Thrings Farms focuses on the challenges and opportunities facing farmers and landowners across the country.  We partner with Farmers Weekly Business Clinic to answer questions from their readers about legal issues that they face today. As panel lawyers for the NFU across seven counties, we offer a farm health check to NFU members and all those in the agriculture sector to identify any legal issues with your land and the structure of your family business.

Our new feature, Clarkson’s Conundrums, looks at some of the farming challenges raised in Jeremy Clarkson’s television series, Clarkson’s Farm. Whether it is how to make your farm profitable, delivering a successful diversification project without upsetting the neighbours, or simply the best way to protect your cattle from badgers… Jeremy Clarkson has brought to light some of the many issues faced by the farming community in today’s climate. 

Our Agriculture team is always on hand to provide specialist advice, and works alongside our Agri-business team to ensure an integrated service to those in the rural sector.



Farmers Weekly Business Clinic: Handing issues with rights of way

Advising on rights of way for a footpath used by village for 30 years. Read here


Clarkson’s Farm - How should farmers like Jeremy Clarksons deal with trespassers?

A cool-headed approach is vital when it comes to dealing with unwanted visitors. Read here


Clarkson’s Farm - crisps injury and the importance of farm health and safety

A look at what farmers can and should do to minimise the risk in farming. Read here


I had just agreed a price for fertiliser on the phone when the price dropped

Cancel the order with no consequences with a lower price? Read here


We are being advised to put farm business into a discretionary trust

Placing assets into trust can be an effective way of protecting them. Read here


The implications for farmers of drought, meeting supply contracts with customers

With one of the driest summers on record, and drought restrictions. Read here


New advice from the NFU: Protecting landowners from rights of way claims

The NFU has responded with a new advice service for rights of way. Read here


Farmers Weekly Business Clinic: Can we do anything about busy public footpath?

Robert James of Thrings advises on a neighbour and footpath. Read here


Farmers Weekly Business Clinic: Do planning delays mean I can build shed?

Rebecca Stanton, sets out possible solutions to a frustrating planning delay. Read here

thrings farms succession

Farmers Weekly Business Clinic: Handing the farm to someone outside the family

Advising on succession of farming businesses for those within the family. Read here


Clarkson’s Farm - highlights the opportunities of sustainable farming

A look at improving sustainability in ways that generate income for farms. Read here


Clarkson’s Farm - how the series has highlighted pressure on farming finances

An of side projects reflects what is happening in agriculture. Read here


We are concerned that our old septic tank may put off a buyer of our farm

There have been some changes to the regulations and requirements. Read here


Nutrient neutrality is causing considerable difficulties for development

This, unfortunately, is not an issue which will disappear anytime soon. Read here


The NFU's Farm Safety Week shines the spotlight on avoidable tragedies on farms

This week highlights the importance of risk management. Read here


Farmers Weekly Business Clinic: Who is responsible for fence upkeep?

Russell Reeves of Thrings, advises on liability for stock escaping. Read here


Farmers Weekly Business Clinic: A Neighbour is restricting our right of way

Russell Reeves, partner, discusses a right-of-way dispute and possible solutions. Read here


Temporary victory for Jeremy Clarkson in Diddly Squat Farm café planning saga

Fans of the show will recall the farms battle to diversify the agricultural business. Read here


Clarkson’s Farm - What can farmers do to protect against theft on their land

What can landowners can legally do to protect their valuable assets. Read here


Clarkson’s Farm - Collaboration is the key to diversification on the farm

How farmers can ease the burden of diversification projects. Read here


Clarkson’s Farm – how the series shows the bother with badgers

In the first of our series of blogs, we look at his gripes with local badgers. Read here


What happens when your farm barn falls outside planning permission?

dwelling outside planning permission. What do they need to know/do? Read here


Farmers Weekly Business Clinic: Advice on pollution interview under caution

Alex Madden, looks at what to do for an interview under caution. Read here


Farmers Weekly Business Clinic: Can court force farm sale in divorce?

Hannah Jenkins, sets out how assets are treated in divorce proceedings. Read here


Farmers Weekly Business Clinic: Can we register land if the deeds are mislaid?

Josephine Taylor, advises on registering land for which the deeds are missing. Read here

As the Agriculture sector evolves, new opportunities and challenges continue to emerge. Our specialists combine in-depth sector knowledge with a keen understanding of your commercial concerns. Drawing on expertise across our firm, we can help you protect your business and brand, guide you through regulatory complexities and assist you across all legal issues.

Thrings' Agriculture team


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