For Irish domiciled individuals with assets in England, those who administer their estate may need to apply for an English Grant of Representation to realise assets in England.


What is a Grant of Representation?

A Grant of Representation is a legal document obtained from a court to prove the legal authority of someone entrusted to deal with a deceased person’s estate. It allows them to administer the estate, for example to close bank accounts and realise other assets owned by the deceased.


When would an English Grant of Representation be needed?

Even though the English and Irish legal systems are similar, an Irish Grant of Representation cannot be used to realise assets in England. The deceased individual's executors or administrators will need to make a fresh application with a lawyer in England for the English Grant of Representation.


Key Contacts

Rukshana Khanom

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The Thrings probate team has extensive experience in helping executors and administrators of deceased individuals in Ireland obtain an English Grant of Representation.

We will request the relevant information about the deceased’s estate, complete probate and tax forms and give guidance every step of the way.

We can also assist with selling, encashing, or transferring assets once the Grant of Representation has been issued in England.

If you are unsure of details of assets held in the UK, we can carry out a financial assets search.