In this fast-paced world we live in, we seem to have less and less time to absorb information – even when it is important to us.

When it comes to legal matters, the content can often be lengthy, complicated and packed with jargon - but it doesn’t have to be this way. At Thrings, we want to provide concise advice to you, the client, so you get the right information, right away.

In order to do this, our lawyers have created our Take Five guides - covering all areas of the law, from agriculture and the environment to development of land and real estate, and from family and private client law to running businesses and navigating legislation - condensing it all into sound bites of legal content in five simple steps.

TakeFive - Employing apprentice

A guide to employing apprentices and their rights in workplace. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Environment inspections _cover

A guide to getting through environmental inspections. Take Five Now

TakeFive - BNG Units legal guide

A guide to selling Biodiversity Net Gain Units. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Personal Resolutions cover

A guide to new year's personal resolutions. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Licence Premises cover

A guide to applying for a premises licence. Take Five Now

TakeFive - DSARs_V2_cover

A guide to Data Subject Access Requests. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Phosphates cover

A guide to phosphates and nitrates for developers. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Meeting family lawyer

Your guide to meeting your family lawyer for the first time. Take Five Now

TakeFive - letting land for Allotments

Your guide to letting land for allotments. Take Five Now

TakeFive - buying and selling business

A guide to due diligence when buying or selling a business. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Lasting powers of attorney

What are lasting powers of attorney? Take Five now


TakeFive - Making a will

Where there's a Will there's a way. Take Five now

TakeFive - Family farming

Family farming partnerships and having an agreement in place. Take Five Now

TakeFive - OCOL

A guide to One Couple One Lawyer, for divorce and separation. Take Five Now

TakeFive - going for growth cover

A guide to going for growth for your business. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Succession planning for farmers_cover

A guide to succession planning for farmers. Take Five Now

TakeFive - NewYear cover

A guide to new year's business growth. Take Five Now


A guide for creditors of an insolvent company. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Protecting your brand_Cover

A guide to protecting your IP and brand. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Farm legal health check

Your guide to your farm's legal health check. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Biodiversity net gain for farmers

Your guide to biodiversity net gain opportunities. Take Five Now

TakeFive - dealing with Absenteeism

A guide to dealing with absenteeism. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Divorce

Where do I start with divorce and separation? Take Five now


TakeFive - Mediation

Where do I start with mediation? Take Five now

TakeFive - Recoving possession

A guide to recovering possession of residential property. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Family mediation

A guide to what is family mediation and how can it help divorce. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Renewable energy projects

A guide to renewable energy project developments. Take Five Now

TakeFive - collaborative divorce law

A guide to collaborative law and divorce. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Employeers new year cover

A guide to being an employer in the New Year. Take Five Now


A guide to statutory demands in five steps. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Farm Safety

A guide to farm safety in five steps. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Biodiversity for developers

Your guide to Biodiversity Net Gain for developers. Take Five Now

TakeFive - farming Sustainability

Five ways to improve your farm sustainability. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Investment in business

A guide to securing investment in your business. Take Five Now

TakeFive - Probate

What is probate and is it necessary? Take Five now


TakeFive - Moving house

Where to start when buying a house? Take Five now

Take five to take a look and, if there is an area of the law that you would like us shape into a take Five Guide,

let us know