When you have worked hard to build your assets, you will want to make sure they are passed on to your loved ones in a straightforward and cost-effective way. Thinking about what you want to happen to your estate can feel emotionally difficult, but it is important to have an up-to-date and valid Will in place to make sure you are in control and have the final say. Wills are complicated, with tax implications and the situations of your beneficiaries to consider, but we will help you plan for the future with confidence.

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Arranging your Will is personal and the best process depends entirely on what you want to do with your estate. You might need to ensure vulnerable minors and adults are provided for, or you may be concerned about cross-border issues if you or your beneficiaries live abroad. Perhaps you are a beneficiary and need guidance in implementing the Will. It is a complex process and you may feel uncertain about what will happen.



Using our specialist knowledge of inheritance tax planning, reliefs, allowances and the laws surrounding Will planning for assets in the UK and abroad, we will advise you on the best way to maximise your estate for your beneficiaries and guide you through the implications of your plans. We can also support those you leave behind by ensuring a smooth process, whether that’s through negotiations of the inheritance tax or acting as your executor.

Whatever your circumstances, our tailored advice and support is designed to provide you with clarity, peace of mind and confidence in your decisions.

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Our expertise in this area encompasses:



  • Acting as an executor or administrator
  • Advising on heritage properties and assets of pre-eminent national, historic or artistic interest
  • Claims against estates during administration
  • Claims on behalf of beneficiaries
  • Establishing maintenance funds
  • Estate administration
  • General probate law and the interpretation of wills
  • Post-death tax planning
  • Preparing income tax or inheritance tax returns and estate accounts
  • Providing assets in lieu of tax