Strategic development of land for land owners

Are you a land owner with land to sell? Developing your land is a lucrative opportunity that could provide you with long-term financial security. However, you may be concerned about how it is used. There are ways you can maximise the value of your land, and negotiations throughout your sale could have a major impact on the profit you make. Our expert advice will put you in a strong position to make the most of your land’s potential as you enter into agreements with developers, promoters and investors.


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Strategic, expert advice on preserving value

Concerned that it won’t fetch its value or that it is used for purposes you believe to be unsuitable. Perhaps you only want to sell a portion of your land or are apprehensive about gaining planning permission. There is also the chance that your land and its use is compromised while it is being promoted, and you may want to take steps to prevent this from happening.

Whichever part you play in a land transaction, we will work closely with you to help you achieve your aims. Strategically minded and highly experienced, our Development of Land Team will support you throughout the process to maximise value and protect your land’s future. We advise single land owners as well as groups on the full range of agreements open to them, including promotion agreements, option agreements, conditional contracts and consortium agreements. We have experts in planning who can support and advise you through the planning process, seeking to add value at every stage.

We are one of the only firms that can offer you specialist advice in this complicated area of property transactions, and clients are often referred to us from national organisations including the NFU. If you would like us to work with surveyors, planners and accountants of your choosing, we will take a collaborative approach to secure the best outcome for you.

Our Development of Land team has worked closely with a range of land owners across the South West and South East. Highlights include:

  • acting for a land owner on the sale of a 60-acre consented residential development site
  • assisting a land owner in relation to an option agreement for a residential and commercial development site of approximately 200 acres
  • acting on behalf of the multiple land owners in a promotion agreement over strategic land for the development of 650 residential units and mixed-use development in the South East, including planning advice on infrastructure agreements

Our expertise in this area encompasses: