Mark Charter

Mark Charter

Romsey Stuart Court Salisbury Road Romsey SO51 6DJ
Bath 2 Queen Square Bath BA1 2HQ
Mobile 07464545484

Partner - Agriculture

A highly experienced agricultural partner with expertise in development of land, Mark advises farmers, estate owners and the wide landowner community on a wide range of land matters. Along with the buying and selling of farms, estates and businesses, he advises clients on contracts and tax planning matters for farming businesses and families. He has also advised government departments on agricultural decisions.

Mark is a Fellow of the Agricultural Law Association.


Much of Mark's work focuses on agricultural law, such as FBTs, AHA tenancies, contract farming and agri-environmental schemes. He is particularly experienced in dealing with the sale and purchase of farms, estates and agri-businesses, and in cases involving high-value secured lending for farms and estates.

Mark has a special interest in the equine space. He has advised client on setting up polo yards and on the sale and purchase of studs, racing yards and estates.

Development of land

Supporting the Development of Land team with his Agriculture expertise, Mark advises landowners on option, promotion and hybrid agreements for development. His has unique expertise in creating deals that allow farming businesses to continue until land development and planning arrangements efficiently tax purposes. Mark's advice extends beyond the immediate development deal and he helps position farming businesses and their families for future. He also advises on diversification projects, including renewables for landowners.

Mark's relevant experience includes:

  • advising a landowner on a complex AD plant project in which the AD plant leased to a third party but service, feedstock and digestate agreements were put in place with the landowner
  • advising landowners on an option agreement with a developer, which involved complex issues arising from tenancy on part of the farm, and one of the family members being a patient of the Court of Protection
  • acting for a bank on secured lending (over £10m) to an estate where complex due diligence ‚ due to the nature of trusts, including a Channel Islands trustee ‚ was required
  • restructuring an estate for tax-efficiency purposes in a case where the client didn't want to use trusts
  • land assembly by landowner acquiring surrounding parcels, with a view to development for employment use
  • advising on developments with projected built values in excess of £100m

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