Zhenja Cann

Zhenja Cann

Bristol The Paragon Counterslip Bristol BS1 6BX
Swindon 6 Drakes Meadow Penny Lane Swindon SN3 3LL
Mobile 07587 776371

Associate - Family

Zhenja is a specialist family solicitor in the Bristol Family team at Thrings. She helps clients through complex divorces and separations. Advising clients in all aspects of family law, including helping them with resolving their finances and contact arrangements for their children.

At an early stage, Zhenja sets out all the options available to the client and helps them to reach a resolution, with a focus on reducing conflict. She then draws upon her experience within succession, tax planning and property law to provide advice to clients. If for any reason a resolution cannot be reached, Zhenja is also highly experienced in applying to the court and guiding clients through the process to achieve the best possible outcome for them.

Zhenja has a background in civil litigation, which has prompted her interest and expertise in helping to advise unmarried couples on their rights to the shared home following a separation. She also advises couples at the outset of their relationship/marriage, assisting them with the preparation and implementation of cohabitation agreements and pre-nuptial agreements.

  • Family Issues
  • Property Disputes
  • Family & relationships

  • Acting for a client during complex and urgent court proceedings in a difficult divorce and financial remedies case, which involved reckless use of matrimonial assets and risks of domestic violence.
  • Preparing and advising on pre-nuptial agreement on behalf of a high-net-worth client.
  • Advising a client on their position as a cohabitee following separation, which included evaluating the prospects of success in pursuing claims for trusts of land and those regarding Schedule 1 of the Children Act 1989.
  • Acting for a client in complex proceedings relating to an order for sale and a separate claim under the Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996.
  • Supporting a client during court proceedings in a complex child arrangements case that included allegations of violence and coercive behaviour.
  • Assisting a client through relocation proceedings to remove children from the jurisdiction urgently and, in due course, permanently through negotiations with the other parent.
  • Negotiating with an ex-spouse of a client to agree a cap of a claim following an overseas divorce, therefore limiting the client's liability to the financial remedy already agreed.
  • Guiding clients through complex divorce and financial matters including farming assets and partnerships.

Accolade 1

“Following your wonderful guidance and professionalism along the difficult path to divorce I felt fully supported. The process was made so much more bearable by you and the final settlement was far better than I’d dared to hope for. All through the journey of divorce I felt guided and strengthened by having you in my corner. Your sincere kindness and integrity shine out and is something which gave me confidence. This is integral to you as a person and not something that can be taught through professional training.” - Client testimonial