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60 seconds with Karen Perugini, Partner, Private Client

Karen Perugini, Partner, Private Client

 Why do you specialise in private client law?

I’ve always been interested in how the law impacts us personally and after discovering the different type of work a private client lawyer does during my training, I decided this was definitely the area I wanted to work in. It has just the right balance of technical work and personal interest to keep me fully engaged and I enjoy being able to make a difference to an individual’s life, whether that be through saving tax or simply giving them peace of mind that their affairs are in order.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I’m a people person and enjoy building ongoing relationships with clients and following them through their lives, often taking instructions for their wills, helping them manage their finances and then dealing with their estates after they have died. You get the chance to really get to know some of your clients and their families. Being able to help them navigate legal situations throughout their lives is very rewarding! 

Name one thing that makes your life better

An al fresco coffee while enjoying a walk by the sea.

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