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60 seconds with Kate Westbrook, Partner, Company Commercial

Kate Westbrook, Partner, Company Commercial

Tell us a little more about your work and career so far

I studied law because my mum told me I’d be good at it because I liked arguing and went on to join a firm called Thring Townsend as a trainee solicitor. Twenty-plus years and several promotions later, Thring Townsend is now called Thrings and I’m a partner and head of our commercial team. As a commercial lawyer, I advise on all manner of business contracts and am happiest when drafting a contract that I know will reduce my client’s risk and protect the value they’ve built up in their business. I get to act for businesses of all sizes and sectors and with a wide variety of people which I love.

Why did you decide to specialise in commercial law?

Contracts. I really enjoy making sense of something complex and helping clients get a sale over the line or finalise the procurement of some vital new technology. I get to be part of my client’s team and work with them throughout their business journey, which gives me the opportunity to get a deep understanding of their business.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

The people - whether they are clients, contacts or colleagues. Contracts are great (honestly!) but the real fun for me is getting to work with some brilliant business owners, directors and legal counsel. I learn a lot from them and the way they approach their businesses. And my colleagues are why I’m at Thrings – they’re talented, supportive and dedicated and great fun to be around!

What has been your standout moment over the past year?

The day we completed on the sale of a long-term client’s business.  I’d supported the client with all their commercial contract needs for more than 20 years, it was wonderful to lead the team to achieve a successful exit. The day of completion was unusual in that we all got around a table and celebrated with posh chocolates and champagne before heading out for a celebratory meal. Often these days, completions are done remotely which just doesn’t hit the same!

What is your favourite holiday destination?

It very much depends on the aim of the holiday but for relaxation, Minorca cannot be beaten.  It’s a place I’ve been to since the age of about five and you’re never too far away from a view of the beautiful sea which I find really restful and an essential part of a relaxing holiday.

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