60 seconds with... Megan Jefferies

60 seconds with Megan Jefferies, Partner, Intellectual Property

When Megan Jefferies isn’t helping clients through the intellectual property maze, you might find her practising yoga, enjoying a seaside chippy tea or getting back in the saddle...

 Tell us a little more about your work and career so far.

I started off as a pure commercial dispute resolution lawyer and then chose to specialise in Intellectual Property and Data Protection. I now head the IP team at Thrings, and I sit on the Council of the Bristol Law Society. I am also co-founder and chair of the IP Inclusive South West committee.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I love helping our client businesses to achieve success, steering them through the legal challenges they face with confidence. A vital aspect of what we do at Thrings is understanding our clients’ businesses drivers, what success looks like for them and the potential and actual bars or hindrances to that successful outcome. By doing this we are able to provide our clients with superior quality advice and support, helping them get closer to their desired future goals as a business.

What has been your standout moment over the past year?

I had horses when I was younger and rode every day but hadn’t ridden for about 20 years until earlier this year. My daughter started learning about 18 months ago and now she’s at the stage she can ride out, she and I booked a trek over the Mendips. Cantering across the moors side by side with her amongst the bracken and the wild ponies was really emotional for me. It was the strangest mix of adrenaline and serenity and pure joy. As for getting back in the saddle…well it’s like riding a horse

What makes you happy?

Holidays, music, yoga, animals, friends, family and the gym (not necessarily in that order). I used to be a real gym addict (pre motherhood) and have just got back into it. I do wonder how excited I will be to get up at 5.30am when it’s cold and dark outside, but in the summer, it makes me really happy to have a proper workout before opening my laptop.

What advice would you give your younger self?

Be kinder to yourself and be more confident. Consider how would you advise a friend in a particular situation and take that advice yourself.

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