60 seconds with... Natalie Ward

60 seconds with Natalie Ward, Partner, Employment

Natalie Ward, Partner, Employment

 What motivated you to become a lawyer? 

Strangely, it was careers advice when I was 13 and choosing my GCSE options that led me to think about a career in law. I can’t remember what it was or what it said, but it must have appealed to have lured me in at such a young age!

Why do you specialise in employment law?

Employment law – it’s a continual mix of interpreting and applying the law as well as providing pragmatic advice to clients to find solutions that suit their commercial objective and values. Sometimes it requires a degree of creativity that one wouldn’t normally expect in legal advice! Disciplinaries, grievances, ill-health absences and tribunal claims are increasingly complex these days, and often involve multiple strands of discrimination. There’s never a dull moment when dealing with issues where the overlap between work life and personal life has become ever greater.

If you weren't a lawyer what would you do?

Absolutely no idea. I’d like to think I’d make a great interior designer or chef or contestant on Strictly, but sadly I doubt I would! 

Name one thing that makes your life better?

Just one thing? C’mon…

Aromatherapy Associates bath oil, a gin & tonic on a Friday night, and cake. But not all at the same time.

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