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60 seconds with Ramona Derbyshire, Partner, Commercial Dispute Resolution

Ramona Derbyshire, Partner, Commercial Dispute Resolution

What do you specialise in commercial disputes…?

I enjoy and find real satisfaction in fixing problems, or at least trying my best to. Every day I work with business owners or their in-house counsel in getting to the bottom of thorny, frustrating issues that are getting in the way of their day jobs. Getting to the bottom of what the challenges are and resolving that be it recovery of money owed, enforcing contract terms or defending allegations against them, is hugely rewarding.

Can you highlight a case or a standout moment that was particularly interesting? 

A stand out moment for me recently has to be settling a recent shareholder dispute. It was a family owned business with huge potential. The family dynamics however were getting in the way of the business success and whilst the case went through highs and lows, including an injunction application and failed mediation, we got there in the end. The relief for all was clear and the client was able to get on with taking the business forward so that it could achieve even greater things.

What do you like to do outside of work? 

Walking my pup Fudge through the rain or sun across glorious country side and watching my kids do what they love, be it rugby or swimming, despite standing freezing on the side lines or sweating on poolside. It always makes me smile.

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