60 seconds with... Stephen Horton

60 seconds with Stephen Horton, family law

Stephen's favourite song is Goodnight Irene (if you know you know) just don’t play him any Fleetwood Mac!

 What do you enjoy most about your job?

Much of what I do means I have a view into people’s family life that is rarely seen by others and it can sometimes feel like I am witnessing life’s soap-opera first-hand. The work is very interesting and often complex, but it means a lot to know that those clients can go away with some peace of mind.

Have you any standout moments, if so, what are they?

Professionally, I have a few. I was certainly relieved to finally qualify as a Chartered Tax Adviser – that was a long, tough process and a big achievement to complete.

Personally speaking, well, I have two boys, one two and a half and one 10 months old so I probably have to say each of their arrivals but, who am I kidding? It’s the 7th of May 2022, Bristol Rovers need to win by seven clear goals or more to get promoted …  85thminute of the game … Bristol Rovers 7 – Scunthorpe United nil. Sadly, my dear old Dad who is the reason for my love of the blue side of Bristol is no longer with us but I’m raising the next generation of Gasheads.

Tell us something about yourself that is not widely known

I’m a keen musician and used to take it pretty seriously. I was once in talks with Elton John’s record producer to make a demo with him for the band I was in at the time. Sadly, it didn’t work out because of “artistic differences” and we became the Fleetwood Mac that never was. These days I have a family band (which is me, my stepson, my nephew and one or two others from time-to-time) which we put together to play my own wedding reception and, of course, the outfit I put together with some colleagues to rock Bristol Law Society’s Battle of the Bands, “Stranger Thrings”! We didn’t win (robbed!) but I’m confident we won the popular vote for the biggest cheer of the night.

Favourite cartoon character

Dennis the Menace – a wilful young boy whose best friend is a naughty dog. Now there’s someone I can relate to. Not so sure about the red and black striped jersey though, Dennis. I’d have gone for blue and white quarters myself!

What makes you happy?

My family. The children are little comedians and the wife does an unbelievable job being a full-time mother at the moment. But give me a quiet dog walk on a mild evening now and then.

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