2nd June 2017

Thrings helps company achieve sponsor license to access the global talent pool


Following an internal referral, Thrings was contacted by a UK company with a business need to fill a key role in the UK. The employer had identified a suitable and highly-skilled candidate from outside the European Economic Area (EEA), subject to her being granted a UK visa. The candidate had received a visa to visit the UK, but not to work here.

Our involvement

Thrings advised the client that applying for a work visa was a two-stage process, which required the employer and the candidate to make separate applications to the Home Office.

Drawing on long-standing experience, Thrings recommended a more strategic approach, advising the employer to apply for a sponsor licence. This would put the company in a position to recruit non-EEA candidates in future as well as on this occasion.

Following agreement from the client, we then assisted in completing the license application and assembling the supporting documents – accomplished swiftly due to concerns the candidate might be poached by a competitor. We also advised that it was necessary to re-advertise the job in order to meet the requirements of the Home Office's Resident Labour Market Test.

The outcome

Our client was granted an “A” rated sponsor licence, which enabled the candidate to make a successful UK visa application. Thrings’ speed of response ensured the candidate wasn’t poached by a competitor with an existing sponsor license, and the employer secured the skill set it needed in order for its business to continue thriving. In turn, the candidate achieved a skilled role in the UK. Going forward, the client now has the privileged position of possessing a sponsor license, enabling access to the global talent pool to fill future roles – and the ability to secure candidates swiftly.

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